Pismo Beach plans to repair a third of the city’s streets

July 19, 2022


The City of Pismo Beach kicked off a massive paving project with a groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday.

During the project, the city will repair 33% of all streets in the city, with an emphasis on residential neighborhoods, new ADA curb ramps, sidewalk additions, and various concrete repairs. The city awarded a $10 million contract to CalPortland Construction in April.

It is estimated that the project will take approximately two years to complete.

The city will post weekly updates about the paving project to its website so that residents and businesses will know when construction can be expected in their neighborhoods.

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Has anyone driven on Creston road in Paso by the school? Over by Smart and Final and Sesloc? When I went over there on a motorcycle, My wife suggested that the Renal doctors are waiting for the patients to line up having braved that road. The dentists aren’t far behind getting those teeth chattering. we can assume the adult diaper business will have an uptick as well. It shakes the you know what outta you.

It will take three years, be over budget, and sub-par work.

Let us pray they don’t fix them like Morro Bay’s streets…

Good point. Morro Bay’s streets are being “fixed” by simply spreading a new layer of seal coat on the existing surface. That accomplishes virtually nothing, and the weather and winter rains just wash that new coat away over the next few years anyhow, with the run-off ending up in the ocean. To truly fix Morro Bay’s worst streets, such as Marina Street, they would need to be completely torn up, with a new proper base lain down and a new proper pavement surface applied. The problem is that such a proper “repair” of a street is very costly, and Morro Bay just doesn’t have the money to do a city-wide street rehabilitation program. Instead, Morro Bay is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to pump raw sewage UPHILL to an entirely new and ridiculously unnecessary wastewater treatment plant.