102-year-old woman crashes into Santa Maria home

August 19, 2022


A 102-year-old woman accidentally stepped on the gas, instead of the break, and slammed a Toyota Camry into the garage of her own home just outside of Santa Maria on Tuesday.

Yet, she managed to escape with only minor injuries, according to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department. As a precaution, responders transported the elderly woman to Marian Regional Medical Center.

The accident occurred at about 1:40 p.m. in the 3800 block Berwyn Drive. It is unclear how much damage occurred to the house.

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We are lucky she did not injure others or herself. I am sorry, BUT at 102, the chances of an accident are too high. To just say this is cute and awesome to see someone born when the Model T was the dominant car, operating a motor vehicle overlooks the obvious—reflexes and thinking processes are far slower now. You don’t want her to learn this when she accidentally turns in front of the motorcyclist or plows through the intersection into a van with a mom and kids. Driving is over.

Looks like she hit the “break” instead of the “brake”.

Sounds like a great driving record if this was her first incident although it may be time for her to take public transportation and enjoy the ride.