Lompoc Police Department eases conceal carry permit requirements

August 26, 2022


In response to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that a good cause requirement is unconstitutional, the Lompoc Police Department has eased its requirements to obtain a conceal carry gun permit, Chief Joseph Mariani announced Thursday.

In June, the court ruled New York’s equivalent to California’s “good cause” requirement to obtain a public carry license was unconstitutional and nonenforceable. The ruling also noted that it is constitutional for states to require a license to carry a firearm in public.

“Aside from the good cause requirement, all other requirements to obtain a carry license remain constitutional and enforceable,” Mariani said.

In the past, California law enforcement agencies required applicants to provide a reason they should be approved for a conceal carry permit, such as they transport large amounts of cash for work. Many past denials were attributed to applicants not meeting the good cause requirement.

“Lastly, it is important to emphasize that a Conceal Carry Policy permit is a privilege and not a right and the Lompoc Police Department will remain committed to ensuring that permits will be issued in accordance with our policy and the law,” Mariani said. “The new policy is now available for the public.”

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I will not go to Santa Maria or Lompoc where I am the only one not carrying a gun. Every single convicted felon there is carrying one and those not yet convicted have a ghost gun or unregistered gun. People will visit SLO or Paso for tourism ambiance, Santa Maria and Lompoc can forget about it

I know if I lived in Lompoc or Santa Maria I would get a conceal carry permit.

Hate to burst your theory Chief, exercising one’s 2nd amendment is not a “Privilege “ but a Constitutional of right, just like the 1st amendment, the 4th, etc,

Only in instances of demonstrably poor moral character and or criminal history, or failure to demonstrate a reasonable degree of competency with a firearm, can a permit applicant be denied. No more subjective criteria.

A word to all anti gun law enforcement, the highest court in the land has spoken. 6-3, case closed, you lost.

However, I suspect there will continue to be litigation and commotion regarding CCW’s in California and the other “progressive” liberal states.