Santa Barbara County deputies track down pride flag thieves

August 1, 2022


Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies tracked down the two young adults who stole two Pride Flags from the Los Olivos area.

On July 28, a caller reported the theft of a pride flag from the 2900-block of Nojoqui Avenue in Los Olivos. Deputies spent several days investigating the report including collecting physical evidence, interviewing victims and witnesses, and tracking down a video of the burning of a pride flag.

As a result of their efforts, deputies identified two suspects in the theft. The suspects admitted to an additional theft of a pride flag in the Ballard area as well as the burning of one of the flags in a video they shared on social media.

Deputies submitted the case to the Santa Barbara County District Attorneys Office with a request for charges of petty theft and a hate crime.


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fat chance

Thank God, they solved the crime of the century….


Tons of fentynal rolling across our border along with associated gang activity, dealers cut loose here in Cali due to ridiculous laws, and this is what law enforcement wants to show as a win? I want my tax dollars back.

Ben Daho

So the party of Law and order now only wants certain laws obeyed. I was wondering when it was coming out.


How about we all agree to leave all flags, campaign signs, and ribbons untouched and undisturbed where they are flown/posted?


And agree to have city halls and other goverment offices fly only the US flag and state and city flags