Arroyo Grande man accused of pepper spraying protesters in Templeton

September 21, 2022


San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested an Arroyo Grande man who pepper sprayed a group of demonstrators on a Highway 101 overpass in Templeton Tuesday morning. [Tribune]

At about 9 a.m., a group of six to eight people were demonstrating on the Vineyard Drive overpass. A man with an opposing viewpoint approached the group and confronted them. A heated argument ensued, sheriff’s spokesman Tony Cipolla told the Tribune.

The man pulled out a can of pepper spray and sprayed six members of the group, according to the Tribune. Deputies arrived at the scene and arrested the man, whom they identified as Miguel Angel Olivares, 46.

Since two of the individuals Olivares pepper sprayed were above the age of 65, deputies arrested him for two counts of felony elder abuse with great bodily injury, Cipolla said. Olivares was also arrested on charges of unlawful use of tear gas and resisting arrest.

Medics treated all six of the individuals whom Olivares pepper sprayed. They were each released after being treated at the scene.

Deputies booked Olivares in SLO County Jail. Olivares remains in custody, as of Wednesday morning.

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This was a bad situation any way you look at it, but it is compounded when the media attributes a definition of this man based on someone’s opinion rather than looking for the facts. This man has a history of problematic behavior and he is A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT!

How interesting! Can you please share this evidence?

The protest was a Democratic protest. All of the protestors were democrats.

Facts first.

Gee Cal Coast News, you left out “the rest of the story”….

“Today, an angry right-leaning man showed up,” says witness Janice Mundee. “He walked amongst us trying to engage. When we ignored him holding our signs up to create a barrier, he took out pepper spray and ran up the line of our people trying to pepper-spray our faces. By the way, each of us are in our 60s or early 70s.”

Mundee said the group will continue to show up on the bridge. “We have the right to protest without being attacked,” mentioning that “the right-wing group has protested on this same bridge for the past year and has never been attacked to my knowledge,” she said referring to another group of demonstrators frequently seen on the overpass since the 2020 presidential election.

Well with the arrest at least you have to admit – he’s a man of conviction. ;)

Rather it be pepper spray than a more lethal form of “self defense”. Elder abuse is a stretch too imo. But oh well, consequences will be had.

So, anybody know what the protest was about?

Prob just the guys who fly go brandon flags on that over pass.

Naw, different group. Much less radical of a group as well.

The Trump supporters have been very vocal & visual on that overpass especially since Biden won the 2020 election. A group comprised of pro-democracy, pro-choice, anti-hate voices decided to claim a different day up on that same overpass showing their signs to the world. They should be left in peace just like the Trumpers should be left in peace. No one should be physically attacked for peacefully demonstrating in this country. Unfortunately, crimes like this, and worse, are on the rise.

Voting rights, gun control, climate change, and abortion rights. They are there every Monday like a few other groups who are not Democrats. Only the Democrats were attacked.