Campaign sign wars in Arroyo Grande

September 23, 2022


Here we go, campaign sign wars are on again! With an election season upon us once again, campaign signs are allowed to start posting 60 days before an election. Here we are just 12 days into the allowed time to post campaign signs, and violation of sign rules have already been observed in Arroyo Grande.

There are different rules for city limits and county limits, but they do have some similarities. You cannot block a public right-of-way, which includes public streets, sidewalks, city or county owned property, or public easements. It also includes landscaping that is parallel to the street and the sidewalk. You must have the permission of the property owner to place a sign anywhere on their property. Posting your sign on public property or fences is never in compliance.

One of the many reasons that I am supporting Gary Joralemon for Lucia Mar Unified School District is because of his ethical thinking and respect. We’re on the same page when it comes to putting up signs in District 5. He has reviewed the Arroyo Grande sign guidelines for political signs, and is making every effort to abide by the rules. So far he has succeeded.

The other candidate, Colleen Martin, actually has a reputation for violating sign rules.

This will be Ms. Martin’s fifth term if she is re-elected for the school board. She has shared with people that she puts her campaign signs up on a Friday night, knowing it is not a legal location, then waits for the officials to take them down on Monday.

Ms. Martin gathers them up on Tuesday or Wednesday and then starts the game over on the following weekend. And, it looks like she is up to her old tricks again this year!

This is an unnecessary extra job for our public service workers who have to come out to remove the signs and notify the offender.

The county received reports of sign violations on El Campo Rd. the first week they were allow to be placed. The violating signs were removed on Sept. 15, and by Saturday Sept 17 they were back up, plus with more added. Her city violations have been spotted on public easements under stop signs, on the strip of grass between the curb and sidewalk of a vacant home, and in the curbside landscaping at the entrance to a housing development,to name a few.

Our county and city’s might want to consider fining code violations to help cover the cost of sending out code enforcement officers. If you see signs that you believe are not placed with permission, or on public easements or block the public right-of-way, don’t be afraid to report it. This is a classic case of “right for me, not for thee.”

It is disappointing that when we should be discussing important topics like safer schools, competitive teacher pay and classroom curriculum, we’re instead focused on this kind of silliness. The Board of Trustees are responsible for the responsibility of making important decisions for the well-being of our students. How can we put our trust in them if they can’t follow basic rules themselves?

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Martin is continuing to cheat by placing her signs up in areas she knows are against the rules. How can we have a school representative do this and be putting kids first? We can’t! She’s been in for far too long and needs to go! Enough is enough! Vote for the new guys Gary J!!!

According to Facebook posts and photos, she continues to put up signs in illegal places as recent as this week. These are being placed on Cal Trans property, County property and both Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach city property. They are being reported, which takes staff time to investigate and remove or report to Ms. Martin. How can we trust someone who can’t follow simple sign rules with directing the education of our children?

Amen to that!!!