Paso Robles man killed in a jet crash in Reno, video

September 18, 2022


A Paso Robles man was killed when the jet he was racing in the Reno Air Races on Sunday crashed.

During the third lap, 61-year-old Aaron Hogue went high around the Guy Pylon, according to a video of the event. It then appeared he was having trouble with his jet, “Ballista,” before it crashed into the ground and burst into flames.

The Reno Air Racing Association then suspended the event.

“During the jet gold race on the third lap there was a fatal incident at outer pylon 5 today,” the association said. “All other pilots landed safely and race operations for 2022 have been suspended. We express our deepest sympathies to the pilot’s family and friends as well as racers and race fans who make up our September family.”

Hogue is a co-owner and the president of Hogue Inc., a gun repair service.

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Ohhh! My condolences to the Hogue family. I knew Guy, when he was still making the grips in his garage.

Very sad day.

Hogue Inc. Not exactly a gun repair service. More like gun accessories…eg grips and stocks.

Condolences to the family.

In last 2 to 3 years I have seen an uptick in small personal airplane crashes .I am wondering since the old school airplane mechanics are reaching retirement age , the new generation does not have enough OJT thus creating more airplane crashes .Another possibility is overworked and not enough airplane mechanics in the airplane repair industry .I went to school with Aarons brother Patrick and I also knew their brother Kenny who passed away about 5 years ago ..Alot of rough times lately for the Hogue family my heart goes out to them

If you look at the stats, aircraft accidents are actually decreasing over the years, there is just more reporting of it in the media these days.

Here are the stats for General Aviation (aka the small personal airplanes)

Only a couple weeks ago, Paso Resident and air race pilot Sherman Smoot died in a plane crash and now Aaron Hogue! :( This is a bad month for Paso Pilots. Rest in peace!