San Luis Obispo City Council approves The Hub project

September 23, 2022


The San Luis Obispo City Council on Tuesday approved a Monterey Street development that will house eight local businesses, rejecting an appeal claiming the project will be a disturbance to an adjacent neighborhood. [New Times]

Named The Hub, the development is situated at 1701 Monterey Street, close to Grand Avenue. The development is led by Central Coast Brewing. The other businesses part of the project are: Krobar Craft Distillery, Nautical Bean Coffee, Art’s Cyclery, What the Truck Mobile Cuisine, Lone Oaks Seltzer, SLO Axe and Whalebird Kombucha.

Central Coast Brewing owner George Peterson initiated the project after his brewery was kicked out of its original location at 1422 Monterey Street. That location is slated to be redeveloped into 106 units of affordable and senior housing.

The Hub will offer patrons all-day food service; alcohol tasting; and games including corn hole, axe throwing and billiards. On occasion, there will be live concerts.

SLO’s Planning Commission approved the development in May, after which San Luis Drive resident Hana Novak appealed the project. Novak’s appeal argued The Hub would create noise, light and privacy impacts for the San Luis Drive neighborhood. San Luis Drive runs parallel to Monterey Street, across a creek from the location of the development.

On Tuesday, the SLO City Council voted unanimously to deny the appeal. The council approved the project with the condition that The Hub create a sound curtain to contain noise from its indoor concerts.

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Way back when, this was Standard Motors. Before the Quality Suites, that was a vacant lot except for Ray the Barber’s old little shop. The four big elm trees were out in front of the Vets’ Hall, and the old Japanese howitzer still had its original paint job. There was a great swimming hole in the creek where someone had put in a little dam of cement sacks, probably in the 50s or 60s. Well, things change. This is probably better than some of the other projects that might have gone in there. Personally, I think the town and the county generally are glutted with vineyards, wineries and “craft” distilleries, but if they find people willing to spend their money, good on them. San Luis Drive has always been sort of an enclave….

We’ll leave it at that.

George Peterson will flagrantly violate all conditions placed on operations just he does now. He moved into his current location literally in the middle of the night and established a disallowed use. He then got an AUP from the City which Corey Tyler renewed faithfully every year though continuing violations were proven. He unleashed a Willard-like rat infestation on the neighborhood by storing grain outside and when the rats got wary of the bait stations, as they do, he scattered warfarin in the open and killed my neighbors dog, confirmed by veterinary autopsy. All of the Palm Street residents despise him. At least he’s San Luis Drive’s problem now.

This development is going to be great for slo. If you go downtown there is no parking. This entertainment venue will have easy access with parking. The elitist of San Luis Drive have been able to squash many of the planned developments on upper Monterey in the past. Now the less fortunate will have a place to live in a nice neighborhood and those of us who want to have fun will not be penalized because we are not arriving on bikes. I think these two new developments are going to be very successful!

“Sound curtain” lol

Maybe the residents on San Luis Drive could play loud music like opera, military marches, the Barney theme song, over and over, etc., when the noise gets out of control in an effort to get the Hub to agree to their requests.

Hana – they don’t care about neighborhoods – it’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.