State planning to promote low-cost housing development in Atascadero

September 22, 2022

Gov. Gavin Newsom


The state of California has selected a site near Atascadero State Hospital as one of five locations for new affordable housing developments.

As part of an effort to build more than 1 million units of affordable housing by 2030, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced five state-owned sites have been selected for new developments. The Atascadero site is a buffer zone just outside of ASH along El Camino Real. The other four sites are located in Fresno, Covina, Sacramento and Oceanside.

The California Department of Housing and Community Development and the Department of General Services are overseeing the development of the properties. Developers can now submit proposals for affordable housing projects at the sites.

“It’s excellent that they’ve invited us to be part of this plan, and any new housing in our community is a great contribution to our local workforce,” Atascadero Community Development Department Director Phil Dunsmore said in a statement.

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Wonder what these so called low cost housing price tag will be ,how much money can you earn before you are not eligible these low cost ideas has always seemed a bit of a scam overall

Didn’t Newsom spend 12 billion dollars last year to end homelessness… well there are more homeless today than last year….

Just what a politician wants… a heart breaking issue he never has to fix so he can campaign off it year after year….

“Low cost housing”.

In California? ROFLMAO!!!

I hear that Newsom has two highly qualified candidates to run the projects both whom have central coast experience and deep ties to local agencies. Rumor is that he is in discussions with Kelly Gearheart and Ryan Petetit / White. Thank goodness he has solid contacts in the local community.