Avian flu has arrived in San Luis Obispo County

October 29, 2022


A sick Canadian Goose found at Laguna Lake Park in San Luis Obispo recently tested positive for avian influenza, the first positive test on a bird found in San Luis Obispo County. [KSBY]

The goose tested positive after it was taken to the Pacific Wildlife Care Center in Morro Bay. The bird had appeared disoriented and dull.

After the goose tested positive for avian flu, it was euthanized.

The highly contagious avian influenza is transmitted from bird to bird through respiratory droplets and feces. Wild birds have been spreading the disease as they migrate to new areas.

While the disease is devastating to commercial fowl operations, it is extremely rare for people to be infected.

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Who was the lucky one, to say the goose is cooked?

Bye bye birdie