Fire temporarily closes Highway 101 offramp in San Luis Obispo

October 17, 2022


A fire near Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo resulted in the temporary closure of an offramp Monday morning.

Shortly after 6 a.m., a caller reported a brush fire burning beside northbound Highway 101 at the Grand Avenue offramp, according to Caltrans. Firefighters arrived at the scene and extinguished the blaze.

Officials then reopened the offramp. Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire.

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CalTrans crews/contactors are working north along the 101 through SLO to eliminate all the landscaping planted and irrigated over the decades to beautify the freeway and buffer the noise. I looks like they’re working north of California right now and haven’t made it to Grand. This is necessitated by the homeless camps that discard trash along the highway and start fires. Just like restoring the creeks the homeless are sending us backwards. And unless you give them exactly what they want, on their terms, they will hold us hostage. I say ‘ef ’em.

This is such a great comment I totally agree. They have actually been working south through Paso and Atascadero on this and are now getting to SLO. I drive the corridor often. It actually worked in Atascadero so far the druggies have moved south out of the downtown it’s much nicer

Could the fire be from another homeless encampment? Enough already!

There won’t be a mud slide this winter, but if the wind picks up maybe a sand storm from that sand the dinosaurs kicked up while running wild out in the dunes.

Oops wrong Grand Ave, this one is the real affordable housing project.