Close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant on schedule

October 17, 2022

Opinion by Mothers for Peace

Mothers for Peace is deeply troubled by actions taken by Governor Newsom and our California legislators who voted for Senate Bill 846 to extend the operation of Diablo Canyon nuclear plant.

Although Mothers for Peace was not a party to the Settlement Agreement to close the plant by 2025, we have been anticipating its closure, participating in decommissioning and waste storage activities, and supporting the well-planned closure process. Like our supporters, we feel betrayed.

Mothers for Peace has joined a coalition of other environmental organizations and individuals from across the country to challenge the extended operation of Diablo Canyon.

  • We abhor the state and federal subsidies to resurrect this aging, degraded, dangerous plant.
  • We object to the continued use of the once-through cooling system which causes great harm to the local marine environment and sea life.
  • We oppose the generation of even more high level radioactive waste to be stored onsite indefinitely, surrounded by a web of significant earthquake faults.
  • We are concerned about aging components and systems as well as reactor vessel embrittlement.
  • We are done with living under the constant threat of a radiological accident – due to human error, natural disaster, or act of terrorism.

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thankfully, the opponents of clean, renewable nuclear power have been kicked to the curb for now.

freeze in the dark is not a valid plan.

We brought the price of solar, wind and batteries low enough to make any future diablos not cost effective, that is the plan and it’s working.

“freeze in the dark is not a valid plan.” That’s the texas plan.

Your plan appears to be insults, hot air is an untapped energy source.

When our distant, distant ancestors discovered fire, they likely burnt themselves by mistake. I’m sure glad it didn’t dissuade them from continuing to harness and utilize the stored energy that that particular technology offers.

They also learned that there’s better ways to start a fire than trying to rub two sticks together. Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is also based on outmoded technology.

Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is outmoded and costly to run and generates exorbitant amounts of toxic radioactive waste. If California is going to rely on nuclear power in the future, it must utilize modern technology, not outmoded technology that’s more than a half a century old. Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is built on an extremely vulnerable location. The millions of pounds of toxic radioactive waste being stored in temporary facilities there is unsustainable and dangerous

You are in the minority and wrong

Saying that does not make it real.

We abhor, object, oppose, am concerned and are done with these nuts.

No alternative. no plan? Just insults.

Is this the “Burn wood, not atoms.” group that was around in the ’70s?

No, they are polluting our waters and driving Tesla’s. They’ve retired from their lucrative jobs at Diablo and today collect their green to pay doctor bills. The easy money has been taken. They’d do better lobbing for debt forgiveness and free everything.

Where have these people been living, in the dark? No not yet, but maybe they will after the plant closes.

This opinion comes as no surprise — talk about coming awfully late to the Diablo-Extension party. There are many Diablo Canyon operational designs, procedures and practices that have been in place for over 35 years and are always undergoing review for improvement and safer, that challenge all of the very old, weak points made in the Mothers for Peace (MFP) opinion piece. It is time for MFP to finally open their eyes and minds to the devastating impacts that California and the rest of the world are facing from currently unstoppable anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change. California is in the process of battling never-before-experienced devastating environmental impacts due to climate change that absolutely requires that Diablo Canyon’s operation be extended, at LEAST to 2030, or, in reality, until 2040 or longer. Maybe it is now time for MFP to pack-up and leave California and head to “cheap, easy and safe” living conditions in the Southeast, which is not experiencing any impacts from our changing climate (???????? – Hum – clueless Florida comes to mind). Southern states from Arizona east to Florida have governments that couldn’t care less about human living conditions, so anywhere in those states would be a good fit for the Mothers for Peace organization to thrive. When you leave, California will then require less power. Don’t let the door hit your backside when you leave.

The fact that the closure of the plant caused panic and a realization that the activists had ZERO plan for California’s energy needs is laughable. The kind of fear-mongering the Mother For Peace have traded in for decades is the reason we don’t have modern, more efficient nuclear plants in the US and California specifically. Today Germany announced they too will extend the life of their nuclear plants. I agree with MOP: close down the DCPP. Except I would then advocate that it be replaced with a state of the art modern reactor in its VERY SAME FOOTPRINT. I hope PG&E leaves this state high and dry with their windmills and black glass deserts. Good luck California and the hysterics with cardboard signs.

“had ZERO plan for California’s energy needs”

You don’t know what youre talking about, the grid can’t be powered by insults.