Morro Bay Police Chief Jody Cox retiring

October 10, 2022

Chief Jody Cox


After more than 34 years in law enforcement, Morro Bay Chief of Police Jody Cox announced on Monday that he plans to retire in December. Haley has served as Morro Bay’s police chief for four years.

“Jody embodies leadership,” said City Manager Scott Collins. “He took command of the Morro Bay Police Department at a very important time, as law enforcement was experiencing radical change as a profession. We will miss him, and we wish him all the best in the next chapter of his life.”

His resignation will be effective on Dec. 31.

Prior to going to work for the Morro Bay Police Department 10 years ago, Cox worked for the Tulare County Sheriff and the City of Tulare Police Department.

“The last ten years here in Morro Bay have been the highlight of my career, because of the people, the community, and especially my team at the PD and the city staff,” Cox said. “As for my immediate future plans, I look forward to spending a lot more time with family, building in my woodshop and a little more time cruising the coast on my motorcycle.”

The city manager will select a new police chief.

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Chief Cox was a no nonsense Chief from a good background of practical law enforcement in the fairly rough area. Morro Bay must have literally been a breath of fresh air, nice place to finish out a career. I’m skeptical of what the left leaning City Manager is going to bring in, I expect a diversity hire.

That is good he’s getting out while the getting is good …. I lived in Morro Bay early 90s all my neighbors in 2 separate locations, except 1 neighbor were the best neighbors I’ve had in my entire life . But boy oh boy Morro Bay PD was not very friendly to locals in the early 90s and prior , I never saw the tourist being hounded , 1 day I came home and my vehicles had been towed and impounded from in front of my house after contacting MBPD in person my vehicles were released no towing charges and I parked them back in front of my house they were never impounded again,,, Bizarre

Morro Bay doesn’t have a assistant chief or such that can take over, not replacing the assistant position, and in turn saving Morro Bay the salary and the cost for searching for a new chief?

“Haley has served as Morro Bay’s police chief for four years.”

Uh, OK….. but I thought this article was about Police Chief Jody Cox ( ? )

So, who is “Haley”?