San Luis Obispo alerting drivers of changes to Marsh Street

October 26, 2022


The city of San Luis Obispo is alerting drivers to changes made to the layout of Marsh Street in the downtown area.

Vehicle lanes on Marsh Street have been reduced from three to two between Nipomo and Santa Rosa streets. There is now a protected bike lane that runs next to the sidewalk, rather than a vehicle lane. Additionally, parking spaces have been moved to between one of the two vehicle lanes and the bike lane.

The reduction in vehicle lanes is intended to reduce car speeds and to create a safe corridor for all modes of transportation, the city stated in a social media post.

“Signs are posted and new street markings are painted, but we ask that drivers also be mindful and pay attention to the new street layout,” the city’s post states.

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This will keep bikes off of Higuera so that’s a positive…

They have dedicated the former #3 lane for bicycles, on Higuera. Hardly an incentive to NOT ride there.

Is this the same intersection that SLO County Observer got pulled over by SLO PD?

No. That was South Higuera and South St..