Former SLO County deputy found not guilty of child molestation

October 25, 2022

James Storton


A jury last week found a former San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s correctional deputy not guilty of eight counts of child sexual abuse.

In 2020, prosecutors charged James Peter Storton of Arroyo Grande with eight felony counts of child sexual abuse concerning two alleged victims. He was released on $100,000 bail shortly afterwards and then pled not guilty.

Storton retired from the sheriff’s department in 2009, after 29 years. His brother Keith Storton is an Arroyo Grande city councilman.

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Hard to believe the DA’s office took a LEO to court for child sexual abuse without enough evidence to get a conviction.

This is terrible. It opens the door for this sick individual to repeat his sickness on another innocent victim. Shame on the jury.

He was found not guilty by a jury of peers that evaluated all of the evidence presented by the prosecution and defense. Do you have additional information that wasn’t presented during the trial?

99 out of 100 times I agree with you. However, with no unquestionable evidence otherwise, he was found not guilty of eight individual charges brought against him.

Should hearsay and alleged behavior be enough to convict anyone of crime, I’m afraid we would all be guilty.

I understand and agree with both of your comments. Time will tell. I truly hope I’m wrong. His life is changed forever going forward. Maybe we can hear from the alleged victims if possible.

I agree. But keep in mind that hearsay and alleged behavior was enough to convict Paul Flores.

Wow, you attended the trial. Can you give us your observations and examples of the hearsay and alleged behavior that led to the conviction?

You respond as if you attended the trial. If so, your input is far more relevant than mine. I am very curious as to what real, irrefutable evidence was presented that convinced you that Paul is guilty?