SLO County Sheriff Parkinson on Paul Flores’ conviction

October 18, 2022

Sheriff Ian Parkinson

Opinion by San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson

I am extremely pleased with the jury’s decision today to convict Paul Flores for the murder of Kristin Smart. I am disappointed, however, for the acquittal of Ruben Flores as an accessory for helping conceal the crime. Even so, that does not temper my profound gratitude for the verdict against Paul Flores.

We thank the jury for their dedicated service. My thanks also to District Attorney Dan Dow and Deputy District Attorney Chris Peuvrelle for the successful prosecution of this case. I also want to take this time to thank all the members of the Sheriff’s Office who worked on this case over the years. Because of you and your tireless commitment, we are able to bring this case to a successful resolution and a verdict that is right and just.

My thoughts now are with the Smart family. I made a vow to them many years ago, that we would not let Kristin’s memory be forgotten. Nor would we let her killer go unpunished. I thank them for their patience and support during this most difficult of times.

This has been a very long case. A long trial. And a long road to justice. But there is no true justice until Kristin is reunited with her family. This investigation will not be closed until we find Kristin.

As I mentioned when I announced the arrests in this case, it is my hope that we are able to bring some closure to the Smart family. Peace to our community. And justice, once and for all, for Kristin.

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Thank you, Chris Lambert, Kristen’s family and friends and all the CIVILIANS who kept Kristen’s story alive and in the public eye for decades.

While the Sheriff thanks a bunch of men I can’t help but notice the only real female representation in the courtroom and during the investigations was the female VICTIMS.

Women were victimized by Paul Flores for decades, while a bunch of men couldn’t gather enough evidence to stop that monster.

From day one, the case was a disaster of not believing women trying to turn in a missing person’s report (a female) and victimizing Kristen over and over by assuming it was “a case of a flighty girl”, a case of “a girl who had some drinks”, etc. She was preyed upon, attacked and murdered by a known monster.

I pray for the day women are represented on the LEGAL team, and on the LAW ENFORCEMENT team – not solely on the VICTIM roster.

This was a collective effort by many people for a very long time. We can thank the sheriff for not letting this be put on the back shelf and for the hard work done by the DA’s office. Mr. Lambert stocked the coals and the fire ragged on until this trial. Thank you Mr. Lambert.

Wondering if the body location will come out now that it’s the only card left to play for any leniency in sentencing :/

Chris Lambert, God Bless You! This verdict is a direct result of your brilliant idea to create your pod cast. Dennis Mahon also deserves a God Bless You because he never allowed Kristen’s presence to fade from the public’s view. Earth Angels~

Shoulda had a major shout out to Chris Lambert. If not for him, Paul would be sitting So Cal, plotting his next rape

You are correct about Chris…There were many from the very beginning that gave 100% of their time to Kristin Smart’s recovery keeping that in mind I think of Dennis Mahon. Dennis you are an amazing person this verdict proves your dedication was fruitful. Thank you Dennis.

I could not agree more. This would never have happen were it not for Mr. Lambert’s pod cast.