Two people killed in fiery crash on Highway 1

October 28, 2022


Two people died and one person suffered critical injuries after a pair of vehicles collided head-on Friday morning on Highway 1 in Santa Barbara County.

Shortly after 4 a.m., 22-year-old Kyle Nelson of Goleta was headed northbound on Highway 1 about one mile west of Highway 101 near Goleta at speeds of approxamtly 80 mph when he crossed into the southbound lane in front of a car driven by 19-year-old Jenna Causby of Lompoc, according to the CHP. Both drivers attempted to avoid a collision by turning towards the east, resulting in a head-on collision.

Both vehicles then burst into flames.

Causby and her 20-year-old passenger Dorothyann Guthrie of Lompoc died at the scene.

Emergency personnel transported Nelson, who incurred critical injuries, to Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara. Authorities temporarily closed Highway 1 in the area of the crash and diverted traffic to Highway 246.

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Rest in peace Jenna and Dorothyann. May God bring comfort to your families.

So sad. These young lives so tragically taken. May this guy spend life in prison.

Nelson was headed SOUTH and was in a single lane, no passing zone. The girls were headed NORTH in the passing lane of a passing zone stretch of road. The guy crossed the double-yellow line from his southbound lane into the northbound passing lane. The girls and the guy both swerved into the northbound slow lane where they collided. The guy survived being initially pinned in a hybrid car that caught fire and burned to a crisp. The guy was arrested in the hospital bed for gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

80 mph driver gets all the blame; meanwhile a slowpoke doing 55 in a 65 for miles on end continues on down the road as if they had nothing to do with it :/ Incredibly sick of these indignant sthat refuse to drive at speed or pull off.

Hwy 1 is 55 mph speed limit not 80, double yellow line = no passing, how can you pull off when a car comes at you in the wrong lane at 4AM. Learn the rules of the road.

Damn, it seems like it’s usually the ones not at fault that die.