Why would Dan Dow donate $25,000 to oppose Bruce Gibson?

October 21, 2022


Clarification: Dan Dow donated $25,000 from his Dan Dow for District Attorney 2022 campaign account.

The gloves are off in San Luis Obispo County’s District 2 supervisor race. Negative Bruce Gibson ads are flooding the airways and filling up mailboxes, with the county’s top prosecutor putting in $25,000 in an attempt to boot Gibson from office, according to county records.

Incumbent Supervisor Gibson is battling Dr. Bruce Jones for the District 2 supervisor seat.

In the latest round, Gibson threw the first punch with a negative flyer suggesting Jones is a Trumper and dishonest. The flyer, which includes a photo of Trump, accuses Jones of putting out false information about Gibson’s views on Prop 13. The flier also accuses Jones of not knowing how government works.

A group of Jones supporters then donated nearly $90,000 to two PAC’s that oppose Gibson’s reelection.

Ads detailing Gibson’s votes to cut the sheriff’s department budget by nearly $1 million, not to fund additional deputies and against a new sheriff’s substation are flooding the online advertising market. The ads, funded by a pro-law enforcement PAC, Back the Badge, ask viewers to vote Gibson out of office because he is “against our local cops.”

Last week, SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow donated $25,000 to Back the Badge from his Dan Dow for District Attorney 2022 campaign account, which then spent $30,000 on online ads asking people not to vote for Gibson.

“I support electing candidates who support law enforcement and who make neighborhood safety a top priority,” Dow said.

District 2 voters recently received mailers depicting Gibson as former supervisor Adam Hill’s puppetmaster. The ads describe how Gibson paid “the right-hand man of Helios Dayspring, who repeatedly bribed Adam Hill, to help with his reelection campaign.”

The mailers came courtesy of the Safer SLO County PAC, a committee started by North County resident and retired firefighter, Greg Grewal.

“After speaking at the Board of Supervisors for over 10 years – and seeing first hand the rude behavior, threats and demeaning outbursts – it’s time for Bruce Gibson to go,” Grewal said. “He doesn’t know what being a public servant means.”

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Danny Boy is a worthless political pinhead who gifted a rapist cop freedom because he sees women as second class handmaidens. It’s truly tragic Plea Deal Dan ran unopposed. His idea of Law and order is ordering food at campaign luncheons, schmoozing to keep his sweet government taxpayer position. The kind of guy who shows up for photo ops in cases he slept on. Yeah. Dan

Yo Karen

Maybe title it

Why would Mr. Dow’s campaign donate $25k to oppose evil in our government.

Just sayin

Ya’ll don’t get it,he’s trying to stop the all the BS in our local government. Or at least slo ing it up..

Now, dId you say “WHY would Dan Dow…?” or “Why WOULD Dan Dow…?”

I don’t ask myself why would Dan Dow donate money to vote out Bruce Gibson. I ask myself why wouldn’t Dan Dow donate money to vote out a fundamentally unethical career politician who colluded with Adam Hill to manipulate back door deals with criminals.

…because Gibson is a graduate of the Micheal Blank School of Unethical Behavior.

Look, Gibson is a buffoon and I’d be happy to see him voted out. BUT I think it’s extremely poor form and low ethics for the top legal public servant in our county who took an oath to be fair and unbiased in his application of the law to take money that was donated to support him and publicly redirect it to a smear campaign against a candidate in an election he is not a party to. Can we really trust Dow to act fairly to all when it is clear how partisan he is in his public life? Would everyone who donated to Dow’s campaign war chest approve of their money being reappropriated in such a fashion? Maybe they should have known considering the sort of DA Dow has shown himself to be! I’m sure more than one contributor will think twice before throwing more money Dow’s way.

Dan Dow has the constitutional right to vote and support any candidate he chooses. You don’t seem to have a problem with other politicians (Biden) going out supporting his people. Gibson is a “buffoon “ and I’m glad Dow is using his own money to expose that.

Seems you still have trouble with reading comprehension, Tatro. I never denied Dow has the right to support whoever, I just said it was poor form and low ethics. not illegal. Also, nice try saying that because I don’t think Dow should do whatever the f he wants, I must be some filthy leftist JB supporter. It seems that in your weak us-vs-them partisan mind, people are either full-bore ultra-right MAGA supporters or commie liberals with no possible option in between.

Is it bad form for the top LEO in the county to financially support someone that will be more inclined to support LDOs? I can’t see how. As far as content of the ad, campaign donors don’t control that, only the candidates or PACs control that.

Are you kidding me? Dow did the exact right thing. Gibson will try to undo everything Dow was elected to do. If Gibson gets in the progressives will have the majority on the Board and it will be disastersville for SLO County. Everything will be soft on crime, politically correct, socialism and stirring up racial divisions. More productive people will leave SLO for other states. I am telling you if Gibson gets in he will shut down dissent, promote marijuana and will be running pay for play schemes. Dow is trying to prevent a real crook from being elected who will work to rig the elections and defeat election integrity efforts. You want to live in that world? I don’t. I smell RINO here dude.

LOL typical clueless reply. You keep saying “if Gibson gets in” but you do know that Gibson is ALREADY IN as a supervisor since 2007, right? And then all the ridiculous fear mongering BS with a RINO comment thrown in on top, you might as well throw in something about your buddy Q!

I hate the RINO comments as well and recognize that Gibson currently srvers. The “getting in” statement was wrong in that regard but the dynamics are different since redistricting. He is in essence running in an area with much different demographics than his prior go arounds and much of that area leaned Conservative in the past. For the non costal areas he would be “getting in” as their representative.