Why would Dan Dow donate $25,000 to oppose Bruce Gibson?

October 21, 2022


Clarification: Dan Dow donated $25,000 from his Dan Dow for District Attorney 2022 campaign account.

The gloves are off in San Luis Obispo County’s District 2 supervisor race. Negative Bruce Gibson ads are flooding the airways and filling up mailboxes, with the county’s top prosecutor putting in $25,000 in an attempt to boot Gibson from office, according to county records.

Incumbent Supervisor Gibson is battling Dr. Bruce Jones for the District 2 supervisor seat.

In the latest round, Gibson threw the first punch with a negative flyer suggesting Jones is a Trumper and dishonest. The flyer, which includes a photo of Trump, accuses Jones of putting out false information about Gibson’s views on Prop 13. The flier also accuses Jones of not knowing how government works.

A group of Jones supporters then donated nearly $90,000 to two PAC’s that oppose Gibson’s reelection.

Ads detailing Gibson’s votes to cut the sheriff’s department budget by nearly $1 million, not to fund additional deputies and against a new sheriff’s substation are flooding the online advertising market. The ads, funded by a pro-law enforcement PAC, Back the Badge, ask viewers to vote Gibson out of office because he is “against our local cops.”

Last week, SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow donated $25,000 to Back the Badge from his Dan Dow for District Attorney 2022 campaign account, which then spent $30,000 on online ads asking people not to vote for Gibson.

“I support electing candidates who support law enforcement and who make neighborhood safety a top priority,” Dow said.

District 2 voters recently received mailers depicting Gibson as former supervisor Adam Hill’s puppetmaster. The ads describe how Gibson paid “the right-hand man of Helios Dayspring, who repeatedly bribed Adam Hill, to help with his reelection campaign.”

The mailers came courtesy of the Safer SLO County PAC, a committee started by North County resident and retired firefighter, Greg Grewal.

“After speaking at the Board of Supervisors for over 10 years – and seeing first hand the rude behavior, threats and demeaning outbursts – it’s time for Bruce Gibson to go,” Grewal said. “He doesn’t know what being a public servant means.”

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It’s time for lying, pompous, adulterer to go.

I agree – we need to vote Dan Dow out of office!

Why would he do it? Because he can. I hope it goes a long way to helping defeat the hapless, corrupt and very angry Buce Gibson. He needs to go.

Maybe Gibson could hookup with former supervisor Jim Patterson and go plant flowers all over. Preferably in another state. He’ll have plenty of time to do it shortly after the first of the year. I hear they’re both partial to poppies.

That’s a good sum of money for a very good cause. Hats off to you Sheriff Parkinson.

Yes it’s time for change. As long as the FBI has an open case it would be best to clean house anyway.. Although his Planning Commissioner was a stand-alone vote against a project of mine years ago, that’s ok, but then he stated that his reason, he regarded staff as the law, basically he diminished his job as a commissioner, just like his boss Gibson the elected supervisor, for the staff, silence the public. Now we have an opportunity to bring common sense back and remind staff that they work for the voters where possible.

The title of Karen’s article rhetorically asks “Why would Dan Dow donate $25,000 to oppose Bruce Gibson?”

And the article ends with the answer: Because Gibson “… doesn’t know what being a public servant means.”

So, where’s the mystery here? We’ve had more than enough now of “public servants” who don’t have the foggiest notion or intent of being a “public servant.” It’s time to push them all out- every last one of them. Starting right here, right now, with Gibson.

If a local government employee can donate $25,000 to a campaign, that is the real problem and indicates a issue that no official will address, administrative level compensation.

The money came from Dan Dow’s campaign account, not his personal checking account.

Um yeah that’s even worse. It would be better if it came from his personal account instead of from a fund that people donated to expecting it to be used to help re-elect Dow, not smear another candidate in a race Dow is not involved in!

Dan would never use his money. Thats what little peons do. He is above that, grifting is all the rage. Trump U.

Thanks Dan Dow.

Gibson needs to go, The FBI never released a final report regarding Adam Hill and the investigation with all the graft and illegal payouts. Was Gibson one of the receivers of this illegal activity? Look at the remodel he did at his home, was this illegal, did the Coastal Commission ever investigate him for this? Special favors benefit SLO County supervisor, anger his neighbors https://calcoastnews.com/2022/04/special-favors-benefit-slo-county-supervisor-anger-his-neighbors/

Vote Dr. Jones into the Supervisors Office, time for a fresh start for the tax payers. Vote for transparency and a honest, hard working tax payer advocate.

Time for a change. The narcist, condensing, pompous, anti law and order, Mr. Gibson has got to go.