Bicyclist dies after being struck by a vehicle in San Luis Obispo

November 18, 2022


A San Luis Obispo man was killed after being struck by a vehicle while riding his bike on Los Osos Valley Road on Thursday evening, authorities said in a news release.

The bicyclist, a 58-year-old  man, died from his injuries. Investigators are not naming the victim pending notification of his next of kin.

The 58-year-old was riding in the marked westbound bike lane in the 12200 block of Los Osos Valley Road. Investigators believe he swerved into westbound traffic, where a driver struck him at approximately 7:09 p.m., according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and performed lifesaving measures. An ambulance then transported the man to a local hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

The driver remained at the scene following the collision and cooperated with officers. Neither drugs nor alcohol appear to be factors in the crash.

The SLO Police Department’s Severe Collision Investigation Detail took over the investigation. Investigators collected witness statements and surveillance footage.

Officers are asking anyone who witnessed the collision to contact the watch commander at (805) 781-7313.

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Sadly, the vast majority of these accidents are the fault of the cyclist.

Cyclists take extreme risks on roads like this, tank farm, price cyn, and many more. Often some will ride those sit down bikes and they are so tough to see.

Also with this new city council, expect more bike talk, more bus talk (even though they’re mainly empty) and more road diets affecting the majority of families, that drive cars.

Hmm, the headline should have been “Bicyclist swerves into car”. Just like when someone is killed by a train, the Headline is always “train kills pedestrian”.

Cyclists need to be limited to single lane roads with speed limits under 25mph. Take your toy to a playground or get your exercise elsewhere; honestly.

Maybe the City and County should install wide, grade separated bikelanes so bike and cars dont have to occupy the same transportation space. Of course that might reduce a lane for motor vehicles which triggers people (despite the number of lanes having no impact on traffic – look it up) because they actually don’t care about saving lives…. It’s always the bikes fault, never the cars…

But in this case, it IS the bike’s fault. Sadly, for whatever reason, the bicyclist veered out of the lane and was killed.

Sometimes it is, and I’m sorry for the driver who hit the cyclist – I see no reason not to believe them. In a way it’s neither of their fault – it’s public policy which puts cars and bikes on the same roads, policy which prioritizes vehicle speed over bicycle safety. Those LOVR bikelanes should be brought up to the sidewalk level, making it harder for either car or bike to swerve into each other by mistake.

LOVR was purposely widened for bicycles, long ago.

Yes, that’s true but the shoulders are in very poor condition. Also, I’m only speaking for myself, but I would be thrilled if there were dedicated bike lines with right-of-way separation, beyond the shoulders. However, my sense is that creating that would be extremely expensive and is wishful thinking.

I ride LOVR from Foothill westbound to Los Osos and Morro Bay twice a week. The shoulders are in poor condition but they are reasonably wide. I have two sets of lights and wear bright clothes. Yet, I still worry a bit about distracted or poor drivers…

As to limiting us to sub 25 mph facilities, go …. yourself!

Pay attention to your driving, share the road and show a little consideration!

Originally put 15mph fyi; but figured most would survive still if hit at 25mph so went with that in an effort to compromise.

“A little consideration”. This is the problem. Slowing down by half my speed is more than a little consideration. Risking a head on collision to get by a groups of cyclists is more than “a little consideration”. Plus, you get what you give. How about riding on roads with actual bike lanes? How about pulling off to the side so cars can go by? How about not riding side by side for no reason? How about not riding as close to the line as possible? A little consideration you say? Yeah, that would be great. Consider doing your exercise somewhere else.

UNUSUALSUSPECT: yes, consideration, give and take, is definitely a two-way street, however what you propose is a complete banishment of a segment of the population from using facilities payed for in part by taxes paid by that segment (cyclists…). That is most definitely NOT CONSIDERATE, and is a “meat ax “ approach to an issue.

To all bicyclists – it would help a lot too if you only do single file…I have to swerve more than 3 feet from the bike lane and almost half way into the opposite lane when bicyclists double up. I have also seen a number of bicyclists blowing through stop signs. If there are valid reasons for this then work through the system to change the rules of the road. Otherwise please follow the same rules as drivers if we are to share the same roads.

I’ve inquired to state and local politicians and they will readily admit riding side by side is not ideal and dangerous in many cases. However there is a legal loophole that allows cyclist to ” avoid obstruction” and exit singe file riding that is technically the only legal means. Will they do anything about this loophole? No. I’ve tried. Local PD doesn’t care to contribute either. Contact your local congressman!

So sick of that “argument”; just screams of the blatant entitlement displayed by most cyclist. Just because you contributed slightly to something doest mean you get to use it however you want. My proposal does not “ban” anyone, however it would LIMIT some; the appropriate individuals. Just like how you can’t go golfing at your local parks lawn just because you “payed for it”. It’s a matter of safety and appropriate use.