Federal agents raid San Luis Obispo accounting firm

November 17, 2022


Federal agents raided a San Luis Obispo accounting firm on Thursday, spending hours scouring the office and removing boxes of files from the business.

More than a dozen FBI and IRS agents descended on 755 Santa Rosa Street in SLO on Thursday morning to serve a search warrant. One agent pulled a car in front of a BMW owned by Pamela Fitzpatrick, the owner of Fitzpatrick Professional Accountancy, blocking the accountant from leaving the parking garage.

Shortly after agents entered the second floor, most of the accounting firm’s employees left the building.

After about five hours, a group of agents displaying “Police, IRS-CI,” on their shirts left the building. CI stands for criminal investigation, which is the law enforcement branch of the IRS.

FBI agents, many carrying white bullet proof vests, also began leaving the building.

Shortly after 4 p.m., three FBI agents began loading dozens of boxes of documents into a large white van.

Investigators are not providing further information at this time. CalCoastNews will provide updates as they become available.

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It will be interesting to see if this CPA has anything to do with the Helios Dayspring’s money laundering, Megan’s Organic Market aka MOM INC (Delaware Corp) and SLOCAL Roots’ fraudulent retail permit applications. Are any of the interest holders and/or attorneys, e.g. Dustin Tardiff, Tyler Saldo, Megan Souza, Helios Dayspring, Eric Powers, Nick Andre, Mark Cardona – using Fitzpatrick for accounting or tax prep services?

My guess is they were involved in tax returns for the pot industry. And maybe Adam Hill and associates

and just like the Adam Hill case we will never know what’s what.

And your evidence is? Sure, blame the pot industry. Conservatives always need a scapegoat. The marijuana industry in California is legal and highly regulated. I really doubt they would cheat on their taxes. They’re making far too much money to do that.

My evidence is I work with a lot of tax returns and the pot industry has complex tax laws that force the pot businesses to pay higher taxes than the rest of us. Plus the example of Helios Dayspring and the connection to Adam Hill and his FBI raid.

Right!!! Who would cheat on their taxes with all that cash they can’t deposit into banks??? LOL

Why make this into liberals vs conservatives? Remember who controls the FBI at this time even though they are supposed to be non-partisan.

Like the FBI, DAs are also supposed to be non-partisan, but ours doesn’t even pretend to be. Dow blatantly and publicly donates large sums of donor’s money to tear down one party’s candidates.

Got news for you Adam – the California Marijuana industry is Federally illegal which means it’s still a criminal activity. That’s why most reputable CPAs won’t take on plant touching entities, i.e. CA licensed cannabis businesses.