Gunman shoots male victim in Shandon on Halloween

November 1, 2022


A gunman shot and wounded a male victim in Shandon on Halloween.

Shortly after 10 p.m., a caller reported a shooting on N. 3rd Street by Camatti Street. There were reports of multiple shots fired.

Residents in the area say the victim may have been a teenager. An air ambulance was requested. The victim’s condition has not yet been disclosed.

Following the shooting, the suspect allegedly ran towards the river.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies searched for a suspect for hours. It is unclear if they have identified the gunman.

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I’m not sure this shooting is gang related ,but there is a good possibility it is . Shandon and San Miguel, Creston , Pozo, Carrizo/California Valley and of course Paso have had gang infestations for a very long time now . I find it odd that Shandon and San Miguel have the infestations since there is quite a few prison guards who live in these very small towns . Somehow the 2 groups are living among each other , I’m sure there is some friction between them …Going back a few years to the gang fight with prison guards in San Miguel outside the bar where a gang banger died due to a fight with prison guards …Shandon is also a meeting point for valley folks to have meetings that have no good intentions