New owners at Jada Winery accused of unneighborly behavior

November 14, 2022


Neighbors of a Templeton winery owned by the Riboli Family of San Antonio Winery out of Los Angeles are complaining of sleepless nights after the family decided to place a loud wind machine next to a neighbor’s home.

Claire Mamakos is infuriated that the new winery owners appear not to care if her house is pelted by walnuts and branches and that her family is unable to sleep at night. San Antonio Winery acquired Jada Vineyard & Winery from founder Jack Messina in 2021.

Late in the season, the Riboli Family planted a new section of grape vines. Until the young vines harden and go dormant, the recent frosts can destroy the plants.

To protect the crop, the Riboli Family placed a large vineyard fan about 100 feet from Mamakos’ home. During the past week, the fan runs each night, rotating 360 degrees every five minutes, blowing wind directly on Mamakos’ home during each rotation.

“Our house shakes and the noise is like a helicopter hovering overhead,” Mamakos said. “The previous owners were good neighbors.”

Winemaker Anthony Riboli said he is permitted under The Right to Farm Act to run the machine regardless of any nuisance incurred by his neighbors. As for the sticks and walnuts hitting the home, Riboli said Mamakos’ sons need to remove them from around their trees.

San Luis Obispo Assistant Agricultural Commissioner Marc Lea said the wind machine “likely does not meet the right to farm exemption,” which requires the activity had been occurring for three years and was not a nuisance when the activity began.

However, it is not a clear cut argument. In 2015, a Boonville man sued three of his neighbors after they installed large fans, one only 200 feet from his home. In the end, the vineyard owners agreed to stop using the louder two-bladed fans, and replaced them with three-bladed fans, which are almost 20 decibels quieter.

When asked if he would consider moving his two-bladed fan to another area of the vineyard, Riboli said the spot near Mamakos’ home is the lowest, which is the most optimal for his vines.

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The good ole irritate the neighbor trick, maybe Jada needs more houses ?.It would not be the first time a neighbor tried to remove a homeowner thru irritation .

“Riboli said Mamakos’ sons need to remove them from around their trees”.

Wow, that seems a pretty sexist/ageist comment. Why do her *sons* need to remove them and not her or some other family member.

This coming from the lady who has 6 greenhouses full of cannabis. I love the smell when I drive by and understand her concerns but this is Ag country not the suburbs. Let’s all roll a joint and chill out, vibes will be dormant soon and the fan will move on down the road.

I thought, “how bad could it be?”. Watch the video with sound on- no way I’d be able to live next to that. That is not why you choose to live out there. That thing is terrible. There have to be other ways.

I guess these upscale Templeton homeowners (guessing you couldn’t touch a house in that area for less than $1.5 million) now know what it’s like for millions of minority Americans who have lived in areas with high numbers of corporate oil and gas wells, which often cause serious health problems and not just some noise inconvenience.

Yelp could help with this…

Smudge pots are quiet.

Easy fix. Install sprinklers on your side that spray over to theirs. Worried about the frost are ya? Mutual compromise; they both come down.

Enough damn grapes being planted !! They took all the water on West side of Hwy for their booze now they are taking it from the East side and Blowing the existing residents out along the way. When will this Dem build everywhere use every resource Government get their head out of there ass and quit working for the money instead of the people !!!