Sushi supplier filmed naked women at Vandenberg Space Force Base

November 15, 2022


A Vandenberg Space Force Base contractor pleaded guilty last week to voyeurism after federal investigators caught him secretly recording nude women in an employee bathroom at the Santa Barbara County base. [Daily Beast]

Aung K. Zin worked as a contract employee at the Vandenberg commissary. Zin was an employee of Advanced Fresh Concepts, a California company that provided sushi services to the commissary.

On Jan. 5, a video recorder was discovered hidden underneath the sink in the Vandenberg commissary’s employee bathroom, according to a criminal complaint against Zin. Investigators then conducted a forensic review of the camera’s memory card and recovered a number of deleted images.

The deleted images depicted four nude women using a toilet and included two images of Zin. In one of the images, Zin could be seen wearing his work uniform.

Zin admitted to investigators that he installed the recording device and had been secretly filming the employee-only toilet since Dec. 2020, according to the criminal complaint.

On Thursday, federal prosecutors charged Zin with one count of video voyeurism. Zin pleaded guilty to the charge the same day.

A judge sentenced Zin to three years of supervised probation and $325 in fines.

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More to this story than meets the eye or lens. Probation and a $ 325 fine, and why were employees naked in the restroom? Something smells fishy. Oh sushi

$325 over four years? If only Fans Only would offer such a deal, just guessing, I do not know, but I am guessing. What about court and investigative costs? $150 plus per hour for everyone who touched the case. $325?

I never realized Sushi Suppliers had leverage on the federal court system , apparently they do . Why no jail time ? Why no register as sex offender required ? Seems the 4 women found in images have grounds for a lawsuit against Zin .I guess food is a serious weapon these days .

Scary that he had it there for over a year undetected. It makes you wonder how many other hidden cameras are out there that never get found.

Just another reason to avoid sushi and seafood in general! lol

Aw Jeez….

I used to buy the sushi on those occasions when I made a commissary run. What the hell is wrong with people? Well, at least the Montana de Oro guy wasn’t making the sushi.


That’s it, never eating sushi again!