Paso Robles students should come first, not teachers

November 5, 2022


The teachers union does not care about children in Paso Robles.

The union cares about power. It cares about adding union members, more union members gives the union more money. The California Teachers Association (CTA) is the cash cow of the Democratic Party in California. It controls the Sacramento legislature and the Governor.

Do not believe for a minute that every idiotic education idea coming out of Sacramento is not union controlled.

Let’s look at what the CTA has done lately. It kept our schools closed for two years. When schools reopened, it kept our kids in masks. It has sponsored the adoption of Critical Race Theory into our curriculum. It supports comprehensive sex education which teaches the trans agenda to our youngest children. Teaching children that they may have been born into the wrong body. As children grow older, it promotes gender choice because “gender is fluid.” Comprehensive Sex Education also encourages sexual freedom for children.

Let’s jump back to Critical Race Theory that attacks the foundations of our country. It teaches that America is systematically racist, unjust, oppressive, and evil. It condemns free market capitalism. It divides our kids as oppressed or oppressor depending on their skin color.

Trustee Frank Triggs, Laurene D. McCoy, and Peter Byrne will protect our students from being sexualized beginning in kindergarten and continually indoctrinated. These candidates believe in, and support parents rights to have academic transparency in all curriculum, classroom activities, and other activities and clubs.

We need trustees who will keep the poison of Critical Race Theory out of our classrooms. Trustees that believe in our country’s founding documents, our American traditions and values, that believe in the dignity of all men and women, in individual liberty, the value of hard work. Trustees that believe that the American dream can be realized by all of our students if we provide them with an excellent education based on the fundamentals of reading, math, science, honest history and civics, and vocational education.

It is vital for our district that we elect a school board that is independent from the teachers union, that will have the courage to stand up against the woke left. The trustees we need are Frank Triggs, Laurene D. McCoy, and Peter Byrnes.

The local teachers union is endorsing three candidates for Paso Robles School Board; if you vote for them, you will get trustees loyal to the teachers’ union which campaigned for and helped finance their elections. Sondra Williams, Jim Cogan, and Adelita Hiteshew are the union endorsed candidates. If you vote for these candidates you will get the union agenda.

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This guy is high, the County health director closed schools for 11/2 years and required masks not teachers. CRT is not taught at Paso schools so this guy just made this stuff up.

CRT is absolutely pushed in Paso schools. It may not be the title of the class but it is being taught without a doubt- I have children in the district.

Author is same guy fired from being a softball coach. Wonder why?

Very strong opinion supported by very little, if at all any, facts.

In California 83.1 % of the school budget is funding on “employee salaries and benefits” to be a healthy budget. The California Lottery was to supplement the budget directly to maintain infrastructure. What happened? The California Lottery site says that 95 cents of every dollar spent on a ticket goes back to public schools and colleges, in addition to prizes and retail compensation.

Very common with government entities, Arroyo Grande spends over 70% of budget in compensation and pensions, that why they are going for more sales tax, saying it’s for roads but if passed goes into General Fund which can be used anyway they want.

Hey Berkeley you forgot to include Furies and cat boxes in classrooms in your list of false boogie men for us to worry about. Do we really need this kind of stuff brought into our schools?

School board elections are considered non-partisan elections. Trustees do not earn money for their service to the community. Anyone willing to serve deserves our thanks-no matter their political stripe. They are meant to be non-partisan positions for a reason though because a trustee with a partisan agenda only serves to divide the school itself. We don’t need CRT wars part 2.

I hope these 3 candidates are there to find common ground with other elected trustees, and to ensure the school is run well. They are not however elected to run the school, that is the job of the Superintendent.

If these candidates are elected I hope they vote for policies that ensure that every child is safe, accepted, and educated well. They can leave division behind. Our kids don’t need it.

On a side note, it’s true that school board members don’t earn money. They do, however, receive health insurance benefits which are worth a lot of $$.

I agree. But most small districts do not offer it, and most don’t take it if offered. Cayucos is another matter.

It is worth addressing during public comment at your next board meeting. Give them hell.

The division is created by the small but screaming group of activists who come to board meetings and berate the trustees, flip off the crowd, and scream at the superintendent. Don’t be fooled by thinking that it’s the trustees causing division. It’s not. It’s activists who don’t even have children in the district but represent radical organizations that have zero business in schools.

They won’t be teaching my children that.

Nothing like the truth and facts being told here. Please elect board members who put the children and parents first, not the teachers’ union agenda. It should be about getting back to educating our students, not indoctrinating them with the destruction of immoral values and beliefs.

It is my hope the Paso Robles and Atascadero school districts elect the candidates that put their student’s education and wellbeing first.

In Paso, Frank Briggs, Laurene D. McCoy, and Peter Byne.

In Atascadero, Dan Hathaway, Rebekah Koznek, Scott Stanton, and Denise McGrew Kane.

They all put the children and real education first. May they all be elected to their boards on November 8th.

Union in PASO???? WHAT Union??? Teachers make next to NOTHING.

As to Critical Race Theory, YES, it teaches a version of history that is too nuanced for children to absorb. CHILDREN need history that accentuates the positive, i.e., George Washington was the noble Cincinnatus … forgetabouttheslaveowner. Washington WAS noble and a very, very great person. YES, as was Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Hamilton, Adams, and, of course, the great emancipator and founder of this nation’s second birth, Lincoln. This needs to be taught.

BUT can you, noble Berkley, as an ADULT, face the natty true bits. America has had and has racism, with some of this racism infecting its “systems”, so systemic. Is it evil? Well, based on some conceptions of the Adam and Eve narrative, AREN’T WE ALL?

As to “Free market capitalism”, frankly, it does not exist. Given our tax codes, it is a joke. Crony capitalism is more likely.

“Oppressed or oppressor depending on their skin color.” Is that the crux of your concern? Is THAT the nail on the head? I hope not.


We neeed Trustees that are fiduciaries of public funds, not this hyper paranoid nonsense. Won’t vote for money wasting incumbents. Don’t care what their stripe.

That’s right, those greedy, power hungry teachers are all to blame. Fire them all and give parents vouchers for their children to attend private schools. I mean, how dare those “idiots” teach diversity or history. Readin’, ‘ritin, ‘rithmetic and the Bible are all the children need.

Stop generalizing and look deeper.