SLO County clerk to resume counting ballots on Dec. 7

November 30, 2022


The San Luis Obispo County Clerk Recorder on Wednesday announced plans to continue counting ballots on Dec. 7 at 9 a.m. At the conclusion of the count, County Clerk Recorder Elaina Cano plans to certify the results of the Nov. 8 General Election.

There were hundreds of ballots in each district rejected because the signatures did not match. The clerk’s office sent letters to the voters to verify their signature, with approximately 960 ballots not yet verified.

Letters to cure voter signatures must be received in the County Elections Office by 5 p.m. on Dec. 5. There are approximately 960 letters still left to be returned. Voters can return their letters by:

• Mailing the signed statement in the enclosed envelope that was provided with the letter.
• Email the signed statement to
• Fax the signed statement to the clerk’s office at (805) 781-1111.
• Deliver the signed statement in person to the county building at 1055 Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo.

A North County voter is recommending voters check to make sure their votes are counted. After voting, Lynn Ellis, who had signed up with BallotTrax, never received an email confirmation.

Ellis contacted the county clerk’s office and learned that because of human error, she has not received a confirmation though the clerk believes her ballot has or will soon be counted, Ellis said.

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What a joke….


What I thought is was interesting this year was when I decided to vote in person I was told I needed to bring in the ballot that was mailed to me and turn in before I could vote. No problem I brought it with me but when I told the person at my polling place that I wanted to mark my mailed ballot with a big “X” or write on it “Do Not Use” or such I was told if I did that I would have to vote provisionally. I asked why since I brought my mailed ballot in, they said me marking my mailed ballot like that is just like me not bringing in my mailed ballot and as such I would have to vote provisionally, that just seemed odd.

Sheesh, why didn’t you just fill out your mail-in ballot and put it in the mail? That would have been the common sense thing to do. Easy peasy!

I don’t get why people have to make this process so difficult. If everyone simply mailed in their ballot, as they do in RUBY RED UTAH, we would have had the results of this election weeks ago.

If you somehow think the U.S. mail or the County Clerk’s Office is corrupt, then bring evidence against them.

Crazy if you respect your vote sign it so you read it you are are not a doctor where you can’t ever tell who it is. Sign prowdly

There are roughly 960 ballots not yet verified, i.e., where the signatures don’t match, I suppose. What would you do? The Clerk Recorder has to be very careful with all the click bait “evidence free” innuendo. Some races maybe heading to a lawsuit, they are that close.

I have to wonder about the signature didn’t match excuse? Does everyone remember how they signed their voters registration application, years ago, middle initial or full names, etc.? When the signatures are checked does the reviewer know if the voter is a Democrat or Republican? When the provisional ballots are counted, will there be a public verification of who these last minute lost ballots belonged to? The rational stance is to trust but verify. The list of registered voters is public and so should the names on the provisional ballots which happened to be found shortly after the vote approaches a tie.

This is insane. Every time there’s a new story, Cano has another excuse or surprise to spout out. Why isn’t the count on going daily? This is a complete train wreck. I wonder why there is so much distrust and questioning going on. Anyone who defends this process needs their head examined.

Now all of a sudden, Cano is confident that the counting will start again on December 7th and then certified the next day? This doesn’t pass the smell test. I understand by law it must be certified by that date, but it calls to question many actions in her office in the prior weeks that need to be answered and looked into. Who is overseeing Cano and her staff? It just doesn’t add up.

Hire an attorney. Take it to court.

Better yet. How about the B.O.S. direct our over compensated SLO County counsel Rita Neal to look into the reason for all of the misinformation on the candidate information and statements, the misguided or uninformed poll workers giving out wrong information on election day to voter’s, the unorganized and confusing vote counting not to mention all of the “moving goalpost” statements by Cano. This has led to mistrust, misinformation, confusion, and a complete lack of confidence in the process.

I feel for each and every candidate who is still waiting for these very important results. It’s not like Cano didn’t know an election was coming. I would think you of all people would be interested in finding out the issue in a public meeting with Cano, the Supervisors, Rita Neal and any others that have responsibility for this process.

Some of this might very well end up in court due to Cano’s complete incompetence in handling this whole election process. We, as voters, and taxpayers deserve better. This is not acceptable. Take that to court.

This is getting worse. How can anyone believe in a system that depends upon the Registrar of Voters BELIEVING that your ballot has or will be counted.

I’m confused, are you saying that if the Registrar shouldn’t be checking to see if voters are registered, or voted more than once, or could be fraudulent? I believe in my vote because I believe our election officials take their oaths to the constitution seriously and are doing diligence to check ballots and allow for rural people who voted by mail on the day of the election – even though that access delays results.