Atascadero man convicted of illegally possessing a firearm

December 10, 2022

Jason V. Fisser, Sr.


A San Luis Obispo County jury found a 50-year-old Atascadero man guilty this week of possession of a firearm while he was prohibited from doing so because he was previously convicted of a felony crime. Under federal and state law, it is a crime for a person with a felony conviction to possess a firearm for the remainder of their lifetime.

On Feb. 18, Pismo Beach officer Kyle Goodrich spotted a vehicle with an obstructed license plate.

Goodrich pulled over Jason V. Fisser, Sr. and noticed what appeared to be a handgun. The officer removed the gun and asked if there were any other weapons in the car.

Fisser, who was on probation, told him there was a .38 revolver in the trunk. Officer Goodrich then sized an unloaded .38 revolver from a pizza box in the trunk.

The jury trial was brief and only required the testimony of one witness. After one day of evidence, the trial concluded on day two with closing arguments. The jury deliberated for approximately thirty minutes and returned a verdict of guilty.

The defendant is scheduled for sentencing on Jan. 17. He faces a maximum sentence of three years in county jail.

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Ses pretty cut abd dried….why demand a trial?