Date set for contentious Paso Robles school district election

December 24, 2022


San Luis Obispo County has set April 14 for an election for an open seat on the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board, following a petition to remove an appointed trustee.

Candidates for the open seat have from Dec. 28 through Jan. 20 to submit nomination papers to the San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorders Office. The county estimates the special election will cost the school district $493,000.

In a 4-2 vote, the district board of trustees selected Kenney E. Enney Jr. in October to replace Chris Bausch, who resigned in order to take a seat on the Paso Robles City Council.

Carey Alvord organized the petition drive, after voicing concerns over divisiveness in the district and Enney. Several signers condemned Enney on social media for sharing a link that allegedly included criticisms of the trans community.

After 512 signatures were validated, Enney  was removed from the board.

Enney, who said he will be running for the open seat, has accused Alvord of retaliating after he asked for an investigation into a link Alvord provided students that allegedly included a chatroom in which adults were discussing sexual issues, such as bestiality, with children.

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I think everyone is looking at this wrong. Bausch ran for school board and won. Yea democracy. Bausch decided he wanted to run for city council. Yea for democracy. UH OH. His term was not complete. One man did this. One man caused everything by not completing his ¨contract¨. The timing is suspicious, as we just had an election, and Enney, and anyone else, could have had his shot at the ring. Charge Bausch the half-million. Do the right thing, Mr. Bausch. Pay for the installation of the pool, and come clean it alternating Thursdays.

I can’t believe we pay taxes for this atrocity. How about a special election to shut down the whole district and start over with a group of people who are interested in actually educating our children!?

I believe Ken Enney is running again. What happens when he wins his set again? Mrs. Alvord, what will you do them? Deny democracy to the people and Mr. Enney? With all my heart, I hope the GOOD PEOPLE of Paso Robles re-elect him. Merry Christmas.

Just to be clear; he didn’t “win” anything to begin with. He was appointed by the other sitting board members. I think the lack of democracy, and a tone deaf board, was the reason for their petition in the first place. The petition was the definition of democracy in action, which can be frustrating to many.

You are right though— the good people get to decide.

The right the board had to appoint this person is also in line with democracy. I guess some fail to see that while promoting their desired narrative. I always find it interesting that those that demand democracy, through it out the window when it suits them in promoting that same desired narrative. Who are the ones who are really “tone deaf”, denier’s and narrowminded here?

Again, I ask. what happens Mrs. Alvord if and when democracy prevails in Mr. Enney being elected?

I hope that Enney wins

Half a million dollars could also pay for a lot of field trips, art supplies, sports equipment, music programs…

Or for teachers salaries who we are told often are underpaid

Wishing all CCN commenters a very merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year!

I have lost all faith in Clerk-Recorder Cano. She needs to hire a highly qualified election administrator to help her out. I also would like an accounting of the projected $493,000 cost of this special election – the final tab appears to be excessive

Schools are always complaining about lack of funding but will spend $493,000 because a board member doesn’t like who they appointed. Why are adults discussing sexual issues with children and what dose criticisms of the trans community have to do with educating our children.

Let’s drop all the social sexual BS and teach the kids the skills needed to function, english, math, science, history, art, music, industrial arts, geography, phis ed, government and the Constitution.

The cost of an election will be paid for by all County residents. Not the district themselves. No books lost to this fight.

We could have avoided this if the Paso Trustees just appointed a non-partisan consensus pick. They chose not to. The Paso board voted appoint a disrupter— and the VOTERS in that district exercised their legal rights to seek a non-controversial board member instead.

Even worse, we all pay for something and have no representation.

Unfortunately theTotal cost of this Special Election will be the responsibility of Paso Robles School District; no other political entity will share in the responsibility to foot the bill.