Morro Bay man dies following motorcycle crash

December 1, 2022


A motorcyclist died a couple days after a collision with a truck this week in Morro Bay.

Shortly before 2 p.m. on Monday, Michael Barrios, 69, was riding a motorcycle eastbound on Atascadero Road just east of Hill Street. Barrios collided with a truck exiting the driveway of a business in the 500 block of Atascadero Road.

After the collision, Barrios complained of pain and was transported to a local hospital. Barrios underwent surgery and was placed in the ICU. He died of his injuries on Wednesday, according to the Morro Bay Police Department.

Efren Morales, 51, was driving the truck that collided with Barrios’s motorcycle. Morales remained at the scene following the crash.

Officers determined neither drugs, nor alcohol factored into the collision. An investigation into the crash in ongoing.

Investigators are asking anyone who has information about the collision to contact the Morro Bay Police Department at (805) 772-6225.

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From the Intersection to Silver City park, it’s 25mph. The 40mph sign is, maybe, 100m west of Miners Hardware, where the crash happened. The view in both directions out of that driveway, is unobstructed.

The truck driver, was negligent. I guarantee he told the Police, that he didn’t see the motorcycle.

The 41 leading out of Morro Bay is like a race track… cars campers trailers and motorcycles driving way too fast past several business driveways… it was just a matter of time till something tragic like this would happen… that roadway should be a 30 mile per hour stretch of road until you pass the Avocado stand…

Nothing in the article says anything about him going too fast. The guy in the truck entered his right of way.

because everyone is doing the speed limit these days.

the whole state is a race track.

Motorcycle riding on 41 East passing Hill Street would have the right of way.

right of way is one of those things about which the dead no longer need to worry.

Tell that to family of the deceased and their wrongful death suit.