San Luis Obispo County adding new street lights

December 22, 2022


San Luis Obispo County is installing new streetlights and associated improvements in Templeton, Los Osos, Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande, the Public Works Department announced Thursday.

The following locations were prioritized to increase safety to the traveling public, pedestrians and cyclists. Work is expected to be completed in March 2023, depending on weather.


  • Vineyard Drive and Santa Rita Road

Los Osos

  • South Bay Boulevard and Los Olivos Avenue
  • South Bay Boulevard and Pismo Avenue

Pismo Beach (unincorporated)

  • Price Canyon Road and West Ormonde Road

Arroyo Grande

  • Noyes Road and Printz Road

The county awarded Lee Wilson Electric Company of Arroyo Grande the contract for $243,462 to perform the work. The project is funded by the Federal Highway Administration’s Highway Safety Improvement Program and the County Road Fund.

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Will these lights be solar powered?

Maybe borrow a couple from the Roundabout at Orcutt Rd and Tank Farm Rd which is now the ‘Las Vegas’ entrance to SLO city from the Edna valley and SE.

The new roundabout at Hwy 41 West and Vineyard Drive, formerly a beautiful country crossroads, is now illuminated all night long with eleven, maybe twelve, streetlights. And not the new smart-controlled type of night lighting that dims after prime use hours or is activated only when needed as traffic approaches.

Vineyard Drive and Santa Rita??? Why not Vineyard and Bethel –which is a 4-way stop. And backed up a mile when Vineyard Elementary is out?

They’re installing street lights, not stop lights.

Streetlights are already installed at both intersections on Vineyard. Is the public works department planning to add additional lights? That would be totally unnecessary.