SLO County supervisors seeking more than 20% pay increase

January 22, 2023


Less than a year after refusing to give union represented staffers raises of more than 3% a year, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors is set to raise their own salaries by 20.8% on Tuesday in an attempt to stay on track with other unrepresented employees, according to the board’s agenda.

During a time two county supervisors — Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill — were having undisclosed romantic relationships with their legislative aides, they pushed to raise their assistants’ salaries. Now, the county is seeking to raise the supervisors’ pay in order to insure a 25% difference in salaries between supervisors and aides.

  • Effective April 16, 2023: increase the annual salary from $90,417.60 to $103,979.20
  • Effective June 25, 2023: increase the annual salary from $103,979.20 to $106,597.20
  • Effective June 23, 2024: increase the annual salary from $106,597.20 to $109,241.60

“Subsequent to June 23, 2024, members of the Board of Supervisors shall receive the same percentage increase to their annual salary that is applied to the annual salary of the legislative assistant classification,” according to county documents. “This increase shall also be applied at the same time the increase is applied to the legislative assistant classification.”

After battling against giving line-level staffers raises of more than 3% a year, in June 2022 the SLO County Board of Supervisors approved raises of up to 23% for county administrators and management staff.

The approved raises for the county’s 2,400 employees represented by unions was slated to cost the county $4,620,091 in 2022 and $5,253,091 in 2023. During the same time, the board voted to increase pay for the county’s 500 administrators, officials and management staffers at an estimated cost of $5,199,000 in 2022 and $9,796,000 in 2023.

The SLO County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote on increasing their salaries and benefits on Jan. 24.

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Knock me over with a feather. I can’t believe we are paying these people $100 grand. I thought it was a community service..stipend. I resent paying that much to be screwed over.

The Supervisor job should go back to a stipend and require any budget approval to go before a highly public process and continue with an army of volunteers that get no pay (as we already have). Discard the State Mandate unless the State will fund these mandates 100%, likewise for Federal Mandates. We are managing a County Government Corporation with a Board of Directors (County Supervisors) not a franchise to extort money for State and Federal Mandates. If the State and Federal Franchise were to take full responsibility for their programs and waste, we would have real elections for a Public Mandate at all levels of Government Franchises, which also includes setting salaries.

Just predictin’… Peschong and Arnold will vote no when this comes up.

I agree. It should be a no-brainer for all five, but we’ll see who has the good of the county as a whole as their guide.

What happened to recusal when your vote benefits you? And is this the most money Paulding has ever made in his life?

Smiling faces tell it all we got them again gets easier every time

Politicians want to keep the pecking order gap to show you onderlings who runs the show. They do not care about you but you keep voting these bottom feeders in. Everything we buy has gone up drastically did you get a 20% + raise to cover it !! NOT !!

Elections have consequences!

I would say, so does deceitful leadership and self-serving as a politician for personal financial gain, but then again, the angry Bruce Gibson was re-elected. So much for those consequences. His TRUE COLORS will be exposed once again.

He has been exposed dozens of times and it doesn’t seem to do any good, we get stuck with him time and time again.

Jimmy Paulding pushed and voted yes to raise city council compensation unrealistically in AG so he’ll likely do the same here. The county will now have to deal with the same disasters Jimmy pushed for and created in AG such as PLA’s, and a city on shakey financial ground, you were warned.

This increase should be on a ballot measure where their employers — the public — decide whether they’ve earned it based upon merit. But as they’ve shown time and time again, the public — their constituency, are the least of their concern. FBI raids and corruption are more their style.