Two more bodies found in SLO County hotel room

January 17, 2023

Aloha Inn


Arroyo Grande police found two bodies in a room at the Aloha Inn on Jan. 7, police said. There are now two cases of multiple bodies found in a hotel room in SLO County on a Saturday in January.

Shortly after 8 p.m. on Jan. 7, officers arrived at the Aloha Inn to follow up on another case. Officer entered the room and discovered the bodies of a 55-year-old woman and a 55-year-old man.

During a search of the room, officers also found illegal drugs including what they believe to be fentanyl and methamphetamine. Investigators suspect both the man and woman died from drug overdoses.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is scheduled to conduct autopsies on the two Arroyo Grande residents and to test the suspected narcotics.

Investigators are not releasing the names of the man and the woman at this time.

A week later, on Jan. 14, officers found the bodies of a 37-year-old woman and a 40-year-old man in a room at the Seaview Inn in Grover Beach, which is located approximately two miles from the Aloha Inn.

During a search of the room, officers also found illegal drugs. Investigators suspect the pair died from drug overdoses. The SLO County Sheriff’s Office is scheduled to conduct autopsies and test the suspected drugs.

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When you think of it, how idiotic they would lace the drugs with Fentanyl…that will kill their customers!! It just doesn’t make sense on a business level? I wonder if they thought it would make the drugs even more addicting? I mean, why would they add the fentanyl?

Pay Americans a fair wage—at least $30 per hour minimum—make sure there are strong unemployment and disability programs and a sturdy safety net. Clean up the streets by building housing for the poor and homeless. Spend at least $40k per pupil per year on public schools. Tax the rich at 90%. This has to happen in every state.

Do so, and these issues will go away.

But, we won’t. And all the money in the world for law enforcement, border guards, border walls, etc. will not change things.

It’s funny because this little uneducated fantasy would actually cause the total collapse of society. Great recommendations.

Funny that you lack any specifics with your blanket statement. You do realize the top tax rate in the U.S. in 1950 was 91%. Look it up.

The U.S. GDP is $23 trillion, more than enough to do everything I mentioned for the working class and let the middle class and upper class continue to live as they do today. Unfortunately, Jeff Bezos would probably not be able to fly his rich pals around in space for no apparent reason.

Sure the top tax rate in 1950 was 91%, and it was even higher at 94% in 1945 and it was just 25% in 1931, 7% in 1915, and ZERO between 1895 and 1912. It has fluctuated over the years, but I see zero correlation between top tax rate and “these issues”.

News just today about a Cartel Assassination killing of a teen mom and her baby in Fresno not Mexico… this goes hand and hand with Fentanyl trafficking… Cartels will go to war with each other for territory and we will be caught in the middle…. this is a national security issue of great importance… the governments first duty is to protect Americans and they are failing…

Exactly, and how long before the cartels start to exercise their money, influence, and terror in pressuring local and state government officials? Cartels are no longer exclusively working on the Mexican side of the southern border. It is essentially impossible and certainly detrimental to one’s health to oppose corruption by Cartel lieutenants and enforcers. The corruption we’ve experienced in SLO County is perhaps just a mild precursor to what we can expect to see throughout California in the years ahead.

Everyone Please address the Policies, events and arguments, not the person.

Drugs made by China with no repercussions, shipped to the US through Mexico/US open border, purchased with US social handout programs.

The US and State governments are the largest enablers of drug addicts and homelessness by far.

Is this how you like to your tax dollars at work not me.

I have to believe that these cases are related to the same dealer(s) selling from a bad batch. Hopefully LE in the 5 Cities area has someone on their radar and can get this off the streets.

Maybe they can take it a step further and identify the dealers selling the “good” batches. Maybe an expensive license and more Grover Beach tax revenue, but then if the tax is too high… Supply and demand, same defense as Mexico years ago with pot. If you’re determined to consume it there’s only so much we can do.

There’s a pretty big difference between a drug that gives you the munchies and one that leaves you completely useless to society. Though i do find all the anti tobacco laws ironic in that sense.

Fentanyl and fentanyl laced drug products come into the nation over the southern border… if we don’t stop this and close the border we will continue to see people die in hotels parks their cars and anywhere else drug addicts gather….

Totally agree with you. I might add that this Fentanyl crisis is not overdosing, it is murder by poisoning by Chinese and Mexican/Central American entities. Until our Government, both parties but especially the democrats, at the local, state and mostly Federal level accept responsibility and do something, the death will continue.

Border security is primarily a federal responsibility but all levels of governance need to do their part.

Hardly the only thing we need to stop china from doing.

Gop controls congress, it’s their turn to show us what they are made of.

The fox news wet dream of a “closed border” will never happen, tons of food and stuff comes from there. The fox news pundits would cry all day about the cost of things they can no longer get cheap and the claims of goberment overreach would fill the eco chambers.

What’s really happening is our CBP are interdicting record amounts of fentanyl and need a bigger budget, but wont get it because the gop congress cant do anything that might help California (taxpayers) in any way, bigger deficit anyone?

Stop obfuscating and deflecting. A patrolled, controlled, sovereign and secure border is not the same as a “closed border”. Fox News does not advocate for a closed border. Border authorities rejecting the unlawful entry by criminal trespassers who were coached to plead permission to remain based on claims of asylum seekers does not represent a closed border. That’s what is supposed to happen at a sovereign, secure, regulated border. Unfortunately, the Biden administration refuses to operate a sovereign border.

“Stop obfuscating and deflecting.” Going for the personal lol, wwjd.

“That’s what is supposed to happen” you have no idea how it works, the constitution…

Maybe not exactly closed BUT tight as a drum with a border security plan that works. It is just a matter of time until some terrorist gets over the border with a dirty bomb.

They cant keep drugs out of prisons. Just wait till people find out how long the Canadian border is.

Democrats talking points, you and Corine Jean Pierre.

Myth my butt…

I wonder if the people living in Texas, watching people cross their yards from Mexico call it an Open Border Myth”??

Somehow Los Angeles thinks the plan to deal with the homeless by putting them into hotels is smart…. This is just(another) preview of what’s to come down there and anywhere else that tries it :/

Some people think housing first (San Diego Housing Commission) to help return some people to productivity, your plan?

Someone already suggested involuntary detention on cruse ships held offshore, a floating “camp”, someone else the unused part of cmc, another prison/camp. Americans helping Americans.

Jail. Jail is my plan. Little else to deter these individuals. Do what it takes, ie quit using drugs/drinking alcohol and get a job so that you can maintain an actual residence of some sort, or go to jail.

That plan criminalizes being poor and is unconstitutional.

“Vagrancy laws took myriad forms, generally making it a crime to be poor, idle, dissolute, immoral, drunk, lewd, or suspicious. Their application changed alongside perceived threats to the social fabric, at different times and places targeting the unemployed, labor activists, radical orators, cultural and sexual nonconformists, racial and religious minorities, civil rights protesters, and the poor. By the mid-20th century, vagrancy laws served as the basis for hundreds of thousands of arrests every year. Profound social upheaval in the 1960s produced a concerted effort against the vagrancy regime, and in 1972, the US Supreme Court invalidated the laws.” Risa L. Goluboff and Adam Sorensen. “United States Vagrancy Laws.”

Now we know where it all went wrong and which law to get changed back! Thx. It absolutely should be a crime to be idle, dissolute, immoral, drunk, lewd, or suspicious. Poor? That should only be occurring with the later so… Whats the excuse? Get a job.

” which law to get changed back!”

Alabama tried that, you need to change the constitution.

LOL, if you made it illegal to be “idle, dissolute, immoral, drunk, lewd, or suspicious” then most politicians and their families would be in jail.

Housing the homeless will always be a futile endeavor without concurrent substance abuse rehabilitation and mental health treatment for those receiving shelter. Offering the former without also mandating the latter will only result in expanding the numbers of substance abusing, unhoused, irreparably broken people. The customer base for gangs and drug cartels.