Paso Robles plans to double parking rates, eliminate free parking

February 10, 2023


Paso Robles wants to double its downtown parking rates to make up for money the city is losing on its parking program.

In 2019, the city began charging $1 an hour for parking in the downtown area, with the first two hours free. The plan was to manage the demand for downtown parking with a program that would become cost neutral in five years.

While paid parking revenues have averaged $11,800 per month, on-going expenses run just under $30,000 per month, according to a city staff report.

During the same time period, the city collected approximately $28,500 a month in parking ticket revenue from the same area.

In December, the city council voted 3-2 to eliminate the first two hours of free parking and to raise the hourly rate to $2 an hour, with an expectation the changes will increase paid parking revenue to approximately $85,000 a month, with Councilman Chris Bausch and Mayor Steve Martin dissenting.

The increase parking fees require a second approval by the Paso Robles City Council, which is scheduled for Feb. 21.

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Since starting the parking program I used to take 10 to 15 employees to lunch weekly, I haven’t taken them downtown since. We go to restaurants in Templeton, Firestone, over by the fair grounds or China Gormet.

Work or personal, I won’t go downtown anymore.

Cry me a river. You can’t spend 2 dollars per car, but you can take 15 people to a lunch in Paso (probably at least 15-20$ a plate). Freeloading is what that sounds like, making honest taxpayers pay for the downtown

Even if you have to walk a couple of blocks, everything is still within stumbling distance.

Wow. We use to call this fuzzy math. Sounds to me like the game of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Parking Program needs to be scrapped.

Here is another concept on why cities and government keep adding Fees ” really a tax ” on everything like state has paint,lumber,tire,recycle etc fees on everything.It’s because to get a official tax hike it has to be voted on by the people and only stupid people vote to tax themselves more so by theory it should fail so to avoid the taxpayers approval they just create a fee to cover the real tax they wanted. Just look at a bill and you will see a list of added fees on it

All this will do is drive customers away from downtown businesses.

Thank John Hamon, the conservative millionaire with a mansion helping this along. Small gov My ass.

Good thing we aren’t getting the government that we are paying for.

Thank John Hamon and small Conservative gov for this, he is a millionaire after all in a mansion up in the hills proclaiming small gov yet is a sinner eating red apples brainwashing his flock with crt and blm nonsense. He is a liberal in sheep’s clothing.

A paucity of accountability along with obscene sales taxes and obscene parking fees are why people are shopping online.

Confused fees aver $11,800 per month expense $30,000 then you say you actually got $28,500 so how much do you actually get ea month and what costs you $30,000 a month to do as there is not to much wear and tear on st if parked Does this mean you pay someone that much to check meters and right tickets? Everything the average person uses ,eats,etc has gone up tremendously and the wages never keep up. It seems the government just wants to keep you from drowning so they can keep bleeding you dry

Good question, what exactly is the $30k providing? Was there a similar cost before the $1/hr parking plan was initiated?

Great way to drive business patrons away from downtown. Why not close the deficit by eliminating three administrative positions instead?

Call John Hamon for your grievance, and Fred Strong, more like unstrong old man sell out.