Paul Flores seeking new trial, judge to rule at sentencing hearing

February 10, 2023

Paul Flores and Robert Sanger, photo by Dave Minsky


Paul Flores’s attorney will likely file a motion for a new trial in the Kristin Smart murder case prior to a hearing next month in which a judge could sentence Flores to life in prison. [Tribune]

During last year’s trial, Flores’s attorney, Robert Sanger, requested a mistrial nine times. Sanger is now expected to seek a new trial over an undisclosed witness called by the prosecution.

Previously, Judge Jeniffer O’Keefe delayed Flores’s sentencing hearing from Dec. 9 to March 10 after Robert Sanger said he did not have enough time to properly file a motion for a new trial because of a delay in ordering official transcripts.

In December, Sanger said the motion for a new trial would include new information about one of the prosecution’s witnesses. Sanger’s team received the information following the reading of the verdict, the attorney said. 

On Thursday, a virtual hearing in the case took place, during which O’Keefe said she expects the sentencing hearing to proceed as scheduled on March 10. 

If Sanger indeed files the motion, O’Keefe will rule on it during the March 10 hearing. If O’Keefe denies the motion, sentencing will then take place immediately .

Flores faces 25 years to life in prison or life without the possibility of parole.