Teen found with gun, drugs at Paso High School lot

February 8, 2023


Police arrested a 17-year-old driver for weapon and drug charges in a parking lot at the Paso Robles High School on Feb. 3, police said.

Shortly before 1 p.m., a Paso Robles police officer attempted to pull the teen over on Niblick Road for an equipment violation. The 17-year-old driver then pulled into the parking lot of the Paso Robles High School.

During the traffic stop, the officer noticed a large amount of marijuana on the backseat. While conducting a search of the vehicle, officers located an unloaded Glock-style handgun and a partially loaded high-
capacity magazine inside a bag.

Officers arrested the teen for drug and weapon related charges and booked the teen in Juvenile Hall.

Investigators determined the incident posed no threat to the Paso Robles High School.

Police are asking anyone with any information about this incident to call (805) 237-6464.

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This particular 17 y.o. is an example of the bottom end of the I.Q. Bell Curve.

This teenager will forever be “..bad guys with the guns”.

When the pro gun and 2a people say criminals with guns, this is who they are talking about.

Yes. People who illegally acquire firearms. People who are not allowed to have firearms. People who use firearms with criminal intent. They are all “criminals with guns” we talk about.

So, this teen with enough marijuana to make a tidy sum…illegally (don’t tell Dayspring), was discovered with an unsecured firearm he could not legally possess in a vehicle, with a “large capacity” magazine (also known as normal size), will always be, yes, remembered as a bad guy with a gun, and talked about by the Pro-gun and 2A people.

The Cops, good guys with guns, were able to stop him before he did any harm.

The Cops, good guys with guns”

State Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, today introduced SB 377, which would close a loophole that allows California law enforcement officers to buy illegal handguns for their personal use or to resell them.

SB 377 closes the loophole that now allows law enforcement to buy these illegal guns,” Sen. Skinner said. “Law enforcement officers are not allowed to purchase other illegal products in the state. Guns should be no different.

However, there’s a loophole in California’s illegal firearms law — law enforcement officers are exempted and allowed to buy off-roster guns for their personal use. Included in this loophole are officers who work for police agencies, sheriff’s offices, and those employed by a wide-range of other public agencies, including the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Parks and Recreation Department, Fish and Wildlife, county welfare fraud investigators, and college campus and K-12 school police.”

You failed to research the “illegal” part of her statement.

See, the guns are legal in 49 states. Only California has a “safe firearms” list, and any gun that either does not meet the bizarre level of state mandated safety standards, or is simply not sold to California by the manufacturers because of the onerous standards, is deemed “illegal”, for no other reason than the state thinks they are poo-poo.

Cops were exempted, because the state knew that the guns weren’t unsafe, as they are safely and legally sold in the other 49 states. And Cops “need” guns more than law abiding citizens….somehow.

So, did the teen also get a citation for the “equipment violation”, or was that just a pretext for a stop based on some sort of profile?

Pretext or not, a teenager doesn’t need to be rolling around with weed and guns. Surely you can agree on that much.

There has been guns in North County School parking lots since the early 1900s….In the 1970s and early 1980s most of the pickup trucks in Atascadero and Paso Robles High Schools parking lots had rifles on gun racks on the inside of their back windows . There was many a students walking around with 9 inch Buck Knives on their belts ….Nobody was stabbed or shot …That I knew of …Drugs have always been in any High School and most Junior Highs and Elementary Schools for as far back as I can remember ….But todays kids and Gang bangers have a different attitude , Paso High School has had a out of control gang problem for well over 35 years now .My kids attended Paso High in early 2000’s and the gang problem was bad then …Late 90s a kid was shot and killed at the Paso High Coke machine for not buying a gang banger a soda … Paso High School rules back then was to remove the innocent student from the main campus and leave the gang bangers with the rest of the students … The innocent victim kid was placed across the street ….it made absolutely no sense ….PRHS administration thoughts were that general population of students would keep gang bangers more mellow ….Instead of moving gang bangers to the school across the street I.E. creating a gladiator campus

I don’t know which Paso High your kids went to but none of that happened at this one. Maybe you’re thinking of El Paso High in Texas. There were no problems with gangs and getting into a fight got you trash pick up during lunch. Not a relocation to Liberty across the street.

Do you really think it’s a good idea to let a bunch of hormonal teenagers carry buck knives and rifles at school? What kind of psychotic world do you live in? They’re bad enough with smartphones, only an idiot would let a child go around with firearms and stabbing weapons unsupervised.