SLO Bed Bath & Beyond to close

February 8, 2023


The San Luis Obispo Bed Bath & Beyond store will soon close.

Staff has confirmed the planned closure of the Bed Bath & Beyond located in the SLO Promenade on Madonna Road, though the exact date is not yet known. As part of the closure sale, all merchandise is currently marked down at least 10%.

The SLO location is one of numerous Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide that are closing as the company attempts to avoid bankruptcy. The company previously had one other store in SLO County, which was located in Paso Robles.

The Paso Robles store closed in 2020.

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Better use those coupons soon!

I toured a few BB and B , i thought their products were overpriced .The stores seemed to be dirty and disorganized with products stacked everywhere . BB and B could survive and make a profit if they only sold products on the internet and their products were available on Amazon .Any business today that is walk in retail or is mostly store front only, is in a uphill battle to clear a profit .The internet stomps store front businesses into the ground.Businesses in today’s world that offer products and labor combined are big money makers , but can destroy themselves by trying to become bigger than their britches ..Workers comp and liability are also big profit killers

close stores to avoid bankruptcy – sure, just like Sears, Circuit City, K Mart, etc.

Also Gottschalks, ToysRUs, JCPenney, and many others…

Too bad the government does do the same, close to avoid bankruptcy