Grover Beach moving forward with large mixed-use development

February 9, 2023


The city of Grover Beach is moving forward with approvals for a proposed mixed-use development at the corner of West Grand Avenue and 4th Street.

The project includes 37 residential units and 4,700 square feet of ground floor commercial, retail space. The development will act as a pedestrian-friendly gateway that welcomes residents and visitors to the community.

“After years of developing a vision for a mixed-use space, we are excited to continue transforming West Grand Avenue into a thriving and vibrant commercial corridor,” said Grover Beach Mayor Karen Bright. “This project demonstrates Grover Beach’s commitment to providing affordable housing, fair development practices and economic prosperity for our community.”

The approved mixed-use development plan includes:

A four-story building that will be approximately 42 feet high.
Ground level commercial space envisioned as a restaurant with outdoor dining along both West Grand Avenue and South 4th Street.

A rooftop deck for residents to enjoy and to potentially accommodate future outdoor commercial uses.

Thirty-seven residential units that will be a mix of studio and two-bedroom units across all floors. The second, third and fourth floors will be residential units.

Forty-six onsite parking spaces with an additional 11 off-street parking spaces.

Approximately 3,220 square feet of onsite landscaping that includes screening trees and other dense landscaping with a masonry wall adjacent to existing residences.

Street trees along West Grand Avenue and South 4th Street.

Additional curb, gutter, sidewalk and other pavement improvements along both West Grand Avenue and South 4th Street.

“In the past year, the Grover Beach City Council and staff prioritized economic growth and affordable housing initiatives in our city,” said Grover Beach City Manager Matt Bronson. “I look forward to seeing the benefits the new mixed-use building will bring to everyone in Grover Beach.”

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Being a resident of Grover Beach for 25 years, all I know is that I am getting the hell out of California soon!

“This project demonstrates Grover Beach’s commitment to providing affordable housing, fair development practices and economic prosperity for our community.” The mayor says there will be affordable housing. Which of the units are designated affordable?

46 parking spaces for 37 residential units alone would probably result in parking wars. Even an additional 11 off-site (which means inconvenient) won’t help much. Now add 4700 square feet of commercial space also demanding parking. This will probably work.

The complaints about this project are so unwarranted it’s comical. There’s a 4 story building 100 feet away that’s been there for years. Across the street is a convenience store… it’s not a residential area or street. It’s on a main road. Blends right in if you ask me. Parking however will need to be addressed.

Glad to see Grover Beach must not be under a water emergency and will no longer threaten current residents with water conservation fines, must be since they are adding more water usage.

So we shouldn’t build homes for people to live in because the city fines people for misusing water? Doesn’t track. Always excuses among the NIMBY crowd, care more about green lawns than neighbors.

Precisely. The city council will mandate drought measures and 10% use reductions because there simply isn’t enough water resources to supply current population levels……and then they approve something like this that puts even MORE load on our water resources.

They are addicted to property and sales tax revenues, so it matters little to them that there isn’t enough water to go around.

Maybe it will generate enough revenue to repave the intersection of 4th and Grand