Two candidates running for seat on the Paso Robles school board

February 3, 2023

Kenneth E. Enney Jr.


Two candidates are running for an open seat on the Paso Robles Joint Unified School Board – rancher Kenny Enney and retired nonprofit manager Angela Hollander.

In a 4-2 vote, the district board of trustees selected Enney in Oct. 2022 to replace Chris Bausch, who resigned in order to take a seat on the Paso Robles City Council. Carey Alvord then organized a petition drive to oust Enney, with several people condemning Enney on social media for sharing a link that included criticisms of the trans community.

A 512 signature petition then removed Enney from the board. As a result, the school district will hold a special election on April 18 at an estimated cost of $493,000 to the school district.

Angela Hollander

Enney is a retired Marine Corp intelligence officer and local rancher.

Hollander worked as a neonatal intensive care nurse, before retiring and focusing on serving as a community volunteer.

“I am dedicated to serving children and families and have deep roots in the Paso Robles Community,” according to Hollander. “Coupled with my commitment to public education and history of collaborative partnerships, I believe I am uniquely suited to serve the District and community at this moment.”

San Luis Obispo County will mail ballots to voters on March 20, for the April 18 Special Election.

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It would be interesting to see a detailed itemized breakdown of the $493,000 costs.

I don’t live in Paso Robles, but I support Kenny Enny and hope he is elected to the position. If he wins, I want to see how Carey Alvord will handle it.

Will she have him removed again, and again until the one they support win the seat at nearly $500,000 dollars a pop to the Paso Robles taxpayers.

Let’s go Kenny, let’s go Kenny, let’s go Kenny!!!!!!

1 person 1 vote in the USA as they say. In truth; the voters in the district petitioned to remove him, albeit by an effort she led, but she didn’t remove anyone — technically his constituents did.

Board members decide issues as a group and act as a single body. Kenny chose to act on his own without board authority the first time he gained a position of limited authority. That is why he faced removal. If he does so again he may face the same fate, and in doing so it would be his actions that would waste precious district dollars—not the voters. You give Ms. Alvord more power than she actually has.

We’re in agreement on 1 person, 1 vote. We should also be in agreement on free speech, and rights to an opinion on things as well. The truth is Mrs. Alvord and others appear selective at best in those fundamental rights of the Constitution.

You also have the right to placate or parse words in an attempt justify Mrs. Alvord’s’ willingness to aggressively overturn the legally, and rightly appointed Mr. Enney by the PRJUSD board.

In truth, he faced removal because he stated his morals and values as an individual that the “woke crowd”, led by Mrs. Alvord didn’t agree with. Since when does a person on the school board in Paso Robles need the board’s approval and authority for his freedom of speech? This a slippery slope and a precedence being set that could very well come back to haunt those in reverse when there on the side of Mr. Enney with rights and freedoms in the future. I guarantee they would “lose it” if and when the roles are reversed.

It again goes to the truth and facts that Mrs. Alvord and others who are in support of this, demand tolerance, equality, inclusiveness, freedom of speech and opinions, but unfortunately don’t give any of these things in return.

It’s only the hard-working taxpayer dollars being wasted here to push the continue woke positions of intolerant individuals. None of it is good for the voters.

You don’t seem to understand how politics work. Or free speech.

You often pay a price in life and at a ballot box for what you say and believe. That said. He acted outside board authority because they didn’t side with him. His actions as an APPOINTED board member are what got him into trouble. These voters have every right to seek accountable within the law. The board itself should have chosen someone less divisive.

On the contrary, I do know how politics work. We saw the ugliness and selfishness of it with the recall of Mr. Enney. Some view “free speech” as only saying what you agree with or the narrative they want presented. As in this case, it was different from those wanting to control the board, so it is deemed hateful. It calls to question who really doesn’t understand free speech.

A very sad state of affairs when an individual stands in their principles, beliefs, and truth, then are vilified by others in doing so. If you pay the price for standing in the disappearing values of morality and decency in freedom of speech for all, so be it. Maybe it’s better not be affiliated with a board or groups that are so narrowminded and judgmental to different views.

These voters also have the right to legitimately elect Mr. Enney as well. Maybe the remainder of the board should be looked at as well with the divisive rhetoric they and their supporting characters stand in.

How about they be vetted and exposed for every word and opinion they have stated and stand in. Wouldn’t that be fair? Oh, wait a minute, it’s not about being fair, honest, and open. This is very apparent by the actions and comments about Mr. Enney.

Why are you supporting him over the other candidate? What makes him more suited for the job?