Paso Robles parking rates double, continues free parking hours

March 4, 2023


Paso Robles doubled its downtown parking rates in March to make up for money the city is losing on its parking program. In late February, the city council voted to continue the first two-hour free parking program for at least three months.

“Everyone must register their license plate to begin a parking session, even to qualify for the free two hours,” the city announced in a press release. “Each parking session begins by using the downtown pay stations, the Flowbird mobile application, or pay by text by sending “ParkPASO” to 727563.”

In 2019, the city began charging $1 an hour for parking in the downtown area, with the first two hours free. However, while paid parking revenues have averaged $11,800 per month, on-going expenses run just under $30,000 per month, according to a city staff report.

During the same time period, the city collected approximately $28,500 a month in parking ticket revenue from the same area.

In December, the city council voted 3-2 to eliminate the first two hours of free parking and to raise the hourly rate to $2 an hour, with an expectation the changes will increase paid parking revenue to approximately $85,000 a month.

On Feb. 21, the council agreed to continue the first two-hour free program for a three-month trial period.

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Everything is costing more….

The paucity of handicapped parking spaces in downtown Paso Robles is an extreme hardship for the mobility impaired.

Its almost enough to think that the disinformation bureaucrats of Paso Robles have an angry vendetta against the handicapped.

Worse yet, the Paso Robles Police Dept refuses to enforce illegal parking in handicapped parking spaces.

Your costs are confusing so you put meters in get 12,000 appx income costs are 30,000 you loose 18,000 so you get rid of meters and you won’t be out the 30,000 or is some other thing involved. How many parking tickets and at what cost have you issued in the last yr? Typical government they give a small amt of info that they feel will help there money grab but never the real story