Paso Robles residents under evacuation warning

March 10, 2023


Paso Robles issued an evacuation warning for neighborhoods and businesses near the Salinas River and is preparing for the closure of the 13th Street bridge because of rapidly rising water in the Salinas River.

Residents close to the river in the Navajo Avenue area and on south Paso Robles Street should begin preparing to evacuate now.

Paso Robles Emergency Services staff is contacting residents on the following streets to alert them of the need to begin preparing for evacuation:

  • Navajo Avenue from 70 through 84
  • Paso Robles Street from 390 to 406
  • Spring Street from 3700 to 3730
  • North River Road from 1509 to 1911

If evacuations are necessary, an evacuation order will be issued and an evacuation shelter will be established.

Because of rapidly rising river levels, city staff is preparing to close the 13th Street bridge as soon as this afternoon. Motorists should prepare to use alternate routes. The Niblick bridge and 24th Street bridge remain open.

River Road remains closed from Navajo to 13th and from Union Road to River Oaks Drive.

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Does anyone know the highest ever rain season for Paso Robles?

If I had to guess I’d say back in the early 80’s i remember it rained like crazy when I was a kid. And never once did they cancel school because of it.

California Great Flood, Winter 1861-62. The entire West Coast of North America was flooded due to the greatest precipitation and snowfall seen in the last 200+ years. Pretty sure it must have been the most rain Paso and the rest of SLO County has seen in the same time period.