San Luis Obispo County to close homeless parking site

March 1, 2023


Three months after several people staying at San Luis Obispo County’s safe parking site joined a homeless union, the county decided to close the site.

Located off Highway 1 near the county jail, the safe parking site opened in August 2021 during a rise in COVID cases. The site provides a place for homeless people to park their cars or recreational vehicles.

In November, more than 40 of the approximately 70 people living at the safe parking site off Kansas Avenue joined the California Homeless Union because they thought that the county and Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO) were not getting things done at the site.

People living at the site were seeking more of an active role in the security and governance of the parking area.

The county now plans to stop allowing new people to stay at the site while working to close the parking area sometime this year. The goal is to move people into long-term housing with the help of local homeless services providers.

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Kansas Ave safe parking was never a good idea, models from LA homeless showed that when you cram that many homeless, that close together you’ll have problems with crime against each other, fires and as happened on Kansas Ave, death.

The Homeless Union is one of the problems of homeless wanting to govern themselves, it becomes a Lord of the Flies issue!

I advocate a homeless city being built in California Valley, create housing separated by sub groups, families, drug and alcohol abusers, mental health persons etc.

Build facilities out there, mental and physical heath clinics, stores etc, until they are able to reintegrate back into society:)

Last time I read some current info , SLO county has owned the very lengthy campground on Hwy 1 between Grand Avenue and Pier avenue , the campground is bordered by railroad tracks and Hwy 1 and is completely fenced … I would never camp there it is not located where I would want to camp … SLO county should turn the campground into affordable living camping , all the services are there .County park staff maintains/manages the park .. As far as unionized homeless most all of the homeless have free smart phones or if they wanted one it would be free …. Free unlimited internet texting calling …the homeless do stay in contact with other homeless … The park across from Cuesta College is usually a ghost town but not located near services . Has the County employees and their friends/developers succeeded in taking ownership of Sunny Acres ? Sunny Acres also not close to services …but all I listed would be a place already with bare essentials and owned/managed /controlled by the County…