San Miguel woman guilty of hit and run, insurance fraud

March 17, 2023

Melissa Brewer


A San Luis Obispo County Jury convicted a 46-year-old San Miguel woman on Thursday for felony hit and run causing injury, four felony counts of insurance fraud and one misdemeanor count of reckless driving.

On March 23, 2021, a white Hyundai Veloster was headed southbound on Highway 101 near Avila Beach Drive when it struck a motorcyclist. The collision sent the motorcyclist down onto the highway pavement with a badly broken ankle.

While many people stopped to help the motorcyclist, the driver of the Veloster sped away.

On March 28, 2021, Melissa Brewer filed a claim with her insurance company. Brewer reported that her white Hyundai Veloster had been in a single-vehicle, no passenger, no injury collision in which she crashed into a guardrail. She also claimed she was receiving medical attention related to the collision.

The California Highway Patrol conducted a thorough search of Velosters registered in San Luis Obispo County and located Melissa Brewer’s Veloster in a repair shop. CHP investigators determined Brewer’s Veloster was the car that crashed into the motorcycle.

“Even when someone does everything they can to avoid arrest and prosecution, our local law enforcement agencies go to great lengths to hold offenders accountable for their crimes,” said District Attorney Dan Dow. “I am proud of the outstanding investigative work of the California Highway Patrol, our DA Bureau of Investigations, and each of the good Samaritans in our community who assisted in solving this case.”

Brewer is scheduled for sentencing on April 14. She faces a maximum sentence of six years and eight months in prison.

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Thank you Karen,

You almost closed the Circle,

The Motorcycle brother didn’t just Break his Ankle!

He hit his head and DIED A WEEK LATER,

He was one the Best guys and this woman not only killed him,

She tried to Grift Money on top of his Death.

6 1/2 years for a life is a Travesty.

I hope her feet already can feel flames licking her toes.

So sorry to hear He didn’t make it. Horrible! I’m surprised she wasn’t charged with his death too. You’re so right, 6 1/2 years isn’t reciprocity for his life.

Not a bright bulb is she. First. To leave the scene of an accident. Then to turn in a claim.

Thanks for posting the rest of the story! That’s a damned shame.

So the motorcycle rider died?! That is a little extra information that was missing.

Hopefully she will be in long enough her hair will be completely dark! Could have killed the motorcyclist, bet she was intoxicated