Highway 41 in Atascadero remains closed, one more week

March 18, 2023

Highway 41 slide


Highway 41 remains closed in both directions from San Gabriel Road to Los Altos Road in Atascadero because of a landslide. Travelers can take Highway 46 or Highway 1 as alternate routes.

Mud, trees and power lines fell in the area during the atmospheric river storm on March 14. It is expected the road will reopen next weekend, weather permitting.

Crews have already removed an estimated 6,000 yards of dirt from the slide. A spider excavator has begun to cut a bench at the top of the slope to allow for slide removal from the top down.

Caltrans hired Souza Construction of San Luis Obispo to complete the $2.8 million emergency project.

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Every year that passes , Caltrans performs less actual labor and hires out road repairs , paving , tree trimming etc etc … On interstate 80 starting at Colfax to the state line , Snow clearing is done by temporary seasonal workers hired by Caltrans . After 5 years the temporary employees are fully vested towards retirement with medical and dental insurance for life for performing 2.5 years of seasonal work ….All aboard the Gravy Train

I understand your frustration, but I don’t follow your logic.

By hiring contractors Caltrans avoids paying highly skilled personnel year- round and purchasing special equipment.

Temporary seasonal employees have to complete a minimum number of hours per year to qualify for retirement credit.

Medical insurance at retirement is reserved for public safety, police, fire, corrections and the like, as is full retirement age of 50. So, if your concerned about the cost of service look at public safety it’s the largest fleecing of taxpayers going.

Inbound, your comment is full of misinformation. You really should do your research before sounding off. Just as an opener, no state worker, Caltrans or CHP, or Calfire, etc gets “fully” vested with five years of temporary or part time employment. That’s just for starters but since I suspect this fact will fall on deaf ears I’ll leave it at that.