Bicyclist in critical condition after being hit by car in SLO

April 22, 2023


A driver in a truck and a 20-year-old male bicyclist crashed in San Luis Obispo on Friday, leaving the man in  critical condition.

Shortly before 4 p.m., caller reported the crash at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Fredericks Street, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department. Responders transported the bicyclist to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, where he is currently in the Intensive Care Unit. 

Following the collision, the driver of the truck stayed at the scene and cooperated with investigators. Police do not suspect drugs or alcohol factored into the crash.

Detectives are investigating the crash. Police request that anyone who may have witnessed the collision or has additional information contact Sgt. Stradley at (805) 781-7312.

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Many cities have gone to car free core downtown areas. This allows pedistrians, bicyclists and famlies to enjoy the downtown. Why can’t we just shut off the traffic for a 6X6 or 8X8 area and only let delivery trucks in after business hours. It works in many european cities. We can have protected bike lanes like they have in Munich. At 6-15 Million a life that we loss, this would save the city, the insurance companies about 20-100 Million Dollars a year and give a safe space where we can, dine, shop, and live.

The default assumption for so many CCN readers is that it’s always the bicycles fault, they’re stupid for not driving a big truck, and cyclists have injury or death coming to them. Protected bike lanes and traffic calming infrastructure is always abhorred because they care about their own convenience above the lives of pedestrians and cyclists. The problem is always the bikes, “they wouldn’t be dead if they just wouldn’t ride bikes and drive a truck like me”. Some even see deadly collisions as a positive reminder that cyclists should rightly be terrified and that banning their existence is easier than seeing a new buffered bikelane. It’s frankly disgusting, and morally repugnant.

Nail it. Now prepare for the down votes.

What’s repugnant and frankly so tiring is the virtue signaling. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that doesn’t make them disgusting. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them disgusting. It really discredits you if you are putting a “Coexist” bumper sticker on your vehicle but only really want to coexist with people who agree with you.

There are ways to disagree with traffic safety projects, but the typical anti-bike commenter isn’t concerned with the proposed efficacy or implementation, but with the underlying idea of having space for motorists and cyclists to safely coexist. I don’t want to get rid of cars, but you want to get rid of cyclists. You can hold that pretty intolerant opinion (it’s a free country).

Maybe I’m misjudging and you’re supportive of multi-modal, just critical of specific details, and not an anti-safety jerk. Maybe? I hope those reading reflect on how so many people treat and weight the injury and death of pedestrians and cyclists. Based on the up votes and down votes it sure looks like my original assessment is correct.

The number of electric bicycles being used around town will increase dramatically in the next decade. And that’s a good thing. We should be careful to prepare our streets for a diversity of vehicles we will be seeing. We should be doing everything we can to encourage more bicycle use. And when we do, we will see a huge Reduction of potholes and the cost of maintaining our streets. The heavier the vehicle, the more damage they do to our streets. Bicycle rider ship should be welcome and encouraged.

Shouldn’t comment unless you know what happened. Bike turn into oncoming truck? Truck drift into bike?

Do you know what happened? Because you just commented…

Your correct I do not know the particulars to this accident but I was hit by a bike rider on campus,so it’s from personal experience I based my comment.

The bicyclist was going the wrong way on a very narrow one way street and if this person was using the bike lane even going the wrong direction the accident could of been avoided.

Sad to hear to about the accident,but if the bike rider was coming from campus there is a good chance it was probably was riding the wrong direction,ran a stop sign or many of the other dangerous bike riding practices I have seen on campus over the years of working there.

When class lets out you really have to watch out for the bikes and that spills out on to the city streets surrounding the campus.

I hope the rider pulls through quickly.

No bikes on roads 25mph or higher! It doesn’t matter how many bike “safety” features and road changes are made to accommodate cyclists; cars and bikes DO NOT MIX. Take your toy to a playground or go to a gym for exercise!

I’m going to assume the cyclist was a Cal Poly student and his bike was his transportation to and from campus. I find your comments a bit harsh but do agree it is hard to share the road with cyclists.

sardinesediment, what a valley kook comment. Harsh, unrealistic, and close minded. Back to the valley for your likes.

Cars shouldn’t go above 25mph except on the highway, how about that? No? How about we build infrastructure that keeps the steel boxes with wheels more than a few feet from kids on the sidewalks; something that ALLOWS to cyclists, pedestrians to not mix, and keeps cars separate for everyone’s benifit. But no, the people who complain about new bike lanes are the ones who blame the bike when they’re killed by cars. In your world everyone is forced to buy a car to drive to every place they go, and those who can’t deserve to die.