Board rejects Paulding’s plan to dump Oceano, video

April 28, 2023

Supervisor Jimmy Paulding at an Oceano CSD meeting


The Oceano Community Services District Board voted 3-2 on Wednesday to squelch a plan to annex Oceano into Grover Beach, with Charles Varni and Beverley Joyce-Suneson wanting to move forward.

Shortly after winning a seat on the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, Jimmy Paulding proposed shutting down the Oceano CSD and making the community part of Grover Beach. For Paulding’s proposal to move forward, the Oceano CSD Board, the Grover Beach City Council and the San Luis Obispo Local Agency Formation Commission would need to sign off on the annexation.

Locals packed the Oceano meeting to voice their opinions on the merger. During the contentious meeting, 10 speakers opposed the merger, with many critical of Paulding for suggesting annexation without first reaching out to residents.

On the other side, only five public speakers supported conducting a study, including Paulding who sat in the front row.

“I am your representative whether you like it or not,” Paulding told the crowd. “I am here to serve you.”

Oceano CSD staff estimated the cost for a study would run in the six-figures, according to the staff report.

Video snippets from the contentious meeting

Directors Shirley Gibson, Linda Austin and Allene Villa were opposed to conducting a costly study and instead wanted the district to focus on attaining new fire services.

“Thanks, but no thanks,” Austin said.

Varni asked residents not to be fearful of change. He then argued that the county does not spend enough on infrastructure in Oceano.

Austin challenged Varni’s statement, reading off a list of costly infrastructure improvements made while Lynn Compton was supervisor, and dozens of attendees cheered.

Following the 3-2 vote against funding a report on the proposed merger, the board took a short break. During the break, on a hot mic, Varni can be heard complaining to attendee Bonnie Ernst about the way Villa runs a meeting.

“I helped her fucking get elected,” Ernst responded.

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I am an Oceano property owner, and I think Jim Paulding is doing a great job. He certainly the best Supervisor his district has had in this century, by far. His success is apparently a threat to anti-government extremists.

“I am your representative whether you like it or not. I am here to serve you.”


Did he really say this? It’s embarrassing. It sounds disturbingly similar to the stereotypical government agent showing up saying “I am here to help you.”


Little Jimmy still needs to grow up some more, or maybe leave politics and go into stand-up comedy. Pushing his own agenda (or that of Gibson) is hardly representing anyone, and it is just the opposite of serving anyone. I, in fact, don’t like it that he is ostensibly representing me, so I consider myself to have no representative at the county whether he likes it or not. With all the district boundary bullsh… I mean bullstuff going on, I don’t even know if I’m still in his district. It would certainly be great news to find out he gerrymandered me out of his district.

Time for Oceano to dump little jimmy-boy ?

Not at all. Because what Mr. Paulding is doing, is trying to help the community of Oceano adequately, maintain its infrastructure and its emergency services for the sake of the residents. In my mind, as an Oceano property owner, I consider Mr. Paulding’s efforts heroic.