Copenhagen mayor asks Solvang to embrace LGBT community

April 19, 2023



The mayor of Copenhagen, Denmark penned a letter to the mayor of Solvang criticizing the Danish-styled Santa Barbara County city over its handling of LGBT issues and urging local officials to embrace the Santa Ynez Valley’s queer community.

Last year, vandals pulled down, stole and burned a pride flag that had been on display at a Santa Ynez Valley church located in Los Olivos. Earlier this year, the Solvang City Council rejected an application by an LGBT community organization  to hang banners and paint crosswalks in celebration of Pride Month. Solvang Mayor Mark Infanti cast one of the three votes against the proposal.

Copenhagen Lord Mayor Sophie Hæstorp Andersen recently wrote a letter addressed to Infanti that criticized the council’s decision.

“I was surprised to read about the opposition from some of your council members to ideas put forward by your LGBTI+ community for Solvang to embrace Santa Ynez Valley Pride publicly and visibly,” Andersen wrote. “I was also shocked to read of the burning of pride flags shortly after pride events last summer. This opposition to pride does not reflect the genuine warmth and acceptance of pride that can be seen across Denmark and especially in Copenhagen.”

Andersen stated Solvang rightly cherishes the status of “the Danish capital of America.” But, Denmark has a longstanding position as one of the most progressive countries in the world, and Copenhagen Pride has taken place every year sine 1996. 

“In the spirit of friendship between between our cities, I urge you to give Santa Ynez Valley Pride and your local LGBTI+ community the support of your city council, in the same way that the municipality of Copenhagen wholeheartedly supports Copenhagen Pride for the benefit of all Copenhageners, and to show the world that respect and acceptance are vital elements in a modern, welcoming society.”

Copenhagen and Solvang should come together for love, equality and human rights, Andersen concluded.

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Since religious justification has been discussed versus LBGTQ life, the term adam (אדם) in Hebrew means “red”, and there is an etymological connection between adam and adamah. Adamah meaning “red clay” or “red ground”. So is it possible, in the Jewish Bible, that the first person with a gender was Eve?

Only a matter of time before someone considers Solvang’s recreation of the life, architecture and culture of a white European country to be offensive. How long before Solvang’s Mayor will start receiving emails and phone calls from Mayors in major African and Asian cities encouraging her to adopt them as Solvang’s sister city?

Currently, Copenhagen is a Tabaco brand one spits into a cup or elsewhere, having nothing to do with LGBT or sex.

Maybe the citizens of Solvang do not want to waste money and resources on a very very small group. Maybe they want to spend their money on something like improvements to the park that serve all of the people.

I think the mayor of Copenhagen would surely have more important issue to address than this. No community or individual should be forced to accept or embrace someone’s lifestyle choice or demand it be promoted by a city or unincorporated areas. Are you sure you really want to set that precedence? How ever you choose to live your life, so be it. Don’t force others to accept it if it goes against the morals and beliefs. It seems certain groups are never satisfied and keep moving the goalpost of their desired narrative, agendas and lifestyle preferences.

Don’t force others to accept “

No one is forceing anyone to do anything.

The above comment is a victim morality troll as It seems certain groups are never satisfied and keep moving the goalpost of their desired narrative, agendas and lifestyle preferences.

Do you REALLY think the Mayor of Copenhagen pays any attention to the daily activities in Solvang, California? I’d be surprised if she could even find it on a map. Somebody (likely multiple somebodies) wrote Sophie Haedstorp informing her of the “atrocities” taking place in her “sister-city” of Solvang, no doubt urging her to intervene somehow. Yeah, maybe not “force,” but how about coerce.

No one is forceing anyone to do anything, no one is coercing you.

“atrocities” is you trolling for outrage, trying to make it look more than it is.

“atrocities an extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence or injury.”

No troll, just a guy with an opinion. The last time I checked, we all still have right to one, like it or not.

100% troll

forced to accept or embrace someone’s lifestyle choice”

“Don’t force others to accept it”

No one is forceing you or anyone to do anything.

You don’t like it? Forgive them.

Oh stop your gaslighting (Lying), Kettle. You know damned well this type of depraved behavior is being forced down our throats.

Who or what is “is being forced down your throat.“?

You have an aversion to rainbows now? PRSD?

Is it the thought of someone doing something someplace on the planet?

Pride on the plaza or whatever other goofy event happening someplace? Do what I do, drive past and go about my day.

No one is forceing you or anyone to do anything. Freedom of speech/assembly, freedom to mind you own business.

The gaslighting is coming from inside the house.

Common, you are inconsistent. “How ever you choose to live your life, so be it.” That is acceptance. “Don’t force others to accept it if it goes against the morals and beliefs.” Well, you previously agreed to accept.

Nope. Goes against my morals, values, principles and faith. We all have free will. There consequences to that free will. Good and bad. That’s what I’m accepting.

“Experience witnesseth that ecclesiastical establishments, instead of maintaining the purity and efficacy of religion, have had a contrary operation. During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of Christianity been on trial. What has been its fruits? More or less, in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy; ignorance and servility in the laity; in both, superstition, bigotry and persecution.” – James Madison

Americans are supposed to be more tolerant, pluralist, and freedom loving than our European ancestors – sad to see that isn’t felt by some bad apples down in Solvang. Don’t be jerks, live and let live, come on!

They should also make Bud Light the official beer of Solvang!!!

Bud Light is awful beer.

Please tell the Copenhagen mayor to mind her/his own business and stay out of here!

Don’t like free speech?

Hey Yo Copenhagen……..howzabout you pound sand!

The city of Copenhagen has very nice waterfronts, swimming shelters and you have the freedom to drink a beer at the beach. Automated subway trains, excellent public transportation.

I’ve been to Solvang and the food and culture sucks in comparison.

“Solvang rightly cherishes the status of “the Danish capital of America.””

The phrase ‘Don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash, comes to mind.

I’m sure they would welcome you in Copenhagen. Don’t forget your checkbook and Bud light.

They welcome everyone and have great beer, low crime, respectful police, great transportation and functioning democracy.

What’s not to like?

Sigh; “respect and acceptance” doesn’t equal special treatment. The LGBQT community continuously makes itself a target by asking for these things when no other group is asking for them. If your sexuality doesn’t matter why make such a big deal about it?

Um, gee, we have Cinco de Mayo for the Mexican-American population, Black History month for African-Americans, St. Patrick’s Day for the Irish, Columbus Day for the Italians, etc. I’m sorry there’s no heterosexual day.

I don’t believe the gay community wants “special treatment,” but after centuries of persecution and resentment, maybe they deserve to be recognized as a legitimate component of our country.

I’m sorry that it somehow offends you when someone flies a gay pride flag. I wonder if you’re equally offended when someone wears green on March 17.

I’m sorry there’s no heterosexual day.”


There must be a confederate holiday we can replace with hetro day.


And they already have their “Gay Pride Day” every year. So, what’s the problem?

Month. Not just one little random inconspicuous day. The entire month of June.

Ditto, Ditto, Ditto! So well stated sardonic. Thank you!

I don’t see how it’s special treatment? If the Irish wanted to hang up green in March, we would give it to them; if anything Solvang and it’s commitment to being the new world Copenhagen should be all in on having a parallel event with their sister city. Seems petty and government controlling at best, caving to bigots at worse.

Also I don’t agree with every LGBT person, not by a long shot, but it seems inappropriate to imply they are to blame for their own harassment – you’re heavily implying they deserve it, which no one does.

“If your sexuality doesn’t matter why make such a big deal about it?”

Yet here you are.