Enney surges ahead in Paso Robles school board race

April 19, 2023

Kenney Enney


With 9,931 votes counted, Kenney Enney is beating Angela Hollander by 412 votes for a seat on the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board, according to unofficial election night results.

Enney received 5,171 votes, or 52.08%, while Hollander garnered 4,759 votes, or 47.92%. It may take several days or even multiple weeks for the final result of the contentious school board race to be decided.

In a 4-2 vote, the school district board of trustees selected Enney in Oct. 2022 to replace Chris Bausch, who resigned in order to take a seat on the Paso Robles City Council.

Shortly afterwards, Carey Alvord organized a petition drive seeking to oust Enney. After 512 signatures were validated, Enney was removed from the school board and the special election was scheduled at an estimated cost of $493,000 to the school district.

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Why does it take so long to count votes these days. Used to be we knew the results the next day. The more time it takes the more people will distrust the results.

It takes longer to count the votes, because the election process has changed. Now almost everyone votes by mail…except some people vote on election day.

It may seem suspicious to some when it takes longer to count the votes, but everyone who officially slanders the process seems to having to pay millions of dollars when their claims turn out to be untrue. Fox News, Mike Lindell..etc…

As to people being upset that the recall may have failed and it was expensive. I don’t remember the same outrage when the same thing happened with Governor Newsom. Please explain how that was different?

One really big difference is that the effort to recall Newsom had far more support among the voters. Whereas only 16.67 signatures per 1000 voters in the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District signed the petition to recall Enney, every single county in Californian, except Marin & Imperial, exceeded that ratio of signatures per 1K voters petitioning to recall Gavin HairJell. In more than half of our 58 counties, 100 or more signatures per 1K voters were submitted and validated. For some counties such as Santa Clara the ratio was 47 per 1K voters, whereas in Sant Barabara Co. the ratio was 69 per 1K voters. In SLO County the number was significantly higher at 140 per thousand voters, and in the counties north and east of Sacramento those petitioning to hold a recall election were in the range of 160 to 190+ signatures per 1K voters. A total of 25,750 signatures were validated just from SLO County, 264,4095 from Los Angeles County, over 42,000 from Contra Costa, over 61,000 from Sacramento and almost 50,000 from Ventura County. Those last four counties are hardly Republican hotbeds. The desire of the California electorate to hold a gubernatorial recall election far exceeded the anemic response from the measly 512 valid petition signatures submitted out of the 30,705 voters that fall within the boundaries of the PRJUSD.

The California Department of Finance estimated the 2021 gubernatorial recall election cost a total of 276 million dollars. A total of 12,838,565 valid votes were cast for an average expense of $21.50 per vote. The PRJUSD election between Enney and Hollander is expected to cost $493,000. According to the Clerk-Recorders Office, 9,939 votes were cast by mail or at the polls (unofficial election night results). If we assume another 2,500 ballots are yet to be received in the mail or magically appear from a janitorial closet, the total votes will be around 12,440 votes cast (about a 40.5% voter turnout). That estimated vote count translates to an election expense of $39.63 per valid vote. The expense of the PRJUSD election will be approximately 84.3% higher per vote received than expenses incurred in the Newsom recall election.

Did that explain how these two elections were different???

Florian75- Thanks for compiling all those numbers! If they are accurate it does look like a larger percentage of folks wanted Newsom out. However, I believe the Enney recall effort followed the rules and constraints of our current election laws. Are you arguing that it should be more difficult to recall officials? I was going to write, “more difficult to recall elected officials” but then I remembered that Enney wasn’t actually elected by the people (he was appointed).

So Far , So Good …..hopefully the winning continues …and no mysterious votes show up

Remember in previous elections it wasn’t called mysterious votes, its just called an Excel tabulation error.

Hilarious that Kenney Enney’s new updated sanitized photo won’t load. In my mind, he’ll always be the guy with the filthy ball cap and week-old beard. I sincerely hope these results will flip and the Paso district will again be among the land of the sane.

I find it hilarious that Mr. Enney is leading at this point and will most likely win after this costly boondoggle by Carrie Alvord and the corrupt teachers union. I wonder how much could have been done for the students in Paso district with that nearly $500,000.

If I was a parent and taxpayer in that district, I would look into how to recoup those funds from the union and Mrs. Alvord win or lose. With her being part of the district, how any other be considered sane after what she and union have cost these students. It’s almost like they think it’s their money, Sane? I think not. All I say to that is, bring home the victory Mr. Enney.

Let’s see how long they’ll drag their feet to get the results they want. If Kenney wins, I’d like Carey to reimburse my family for our wasted tax dollars, please. Go woke, go broke.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, but this election was a colossal waste of money in a time that resources and budgets are scant.

Nice use of a half million bucks. Thanks Carey

You go Mr. Enney! ALWAYS stand by and for YOUR PRINCIPLES. Best wishes from here.


May Mr. Kenney, the good guy, continue to increase his lead and win, bringing some sense of sanity to our education system while sending a message to the unions. The education and curriculum also belong to the parents and good people of the communities.

That’s right, bash those unions. A bunch of thugs who never did anything for working Americans. In 1950 more than one-third of American workers were unionized. We all remember what a catastrophe the 50’s were—economy totally sucked and homelessness was through the roof. Now, in 2023, only about 6% of American workers are unionized and things are so much better. Economy is roaring and the homeless are non-existent.

Oh, wait….

That’s not how it happened. That’s not how any of it happened.

LOL. Well, why don’t you tell us how it really happened. Go ahead, refute the fact that American workers were better off under unions. I dare you.

Here are some facts to keep in mind. In 1965, when unions were at their strongest, the CEO of a company made about 20 times more than the average worker at his company. In 2021, after 40 years of neo-liberal policies, both Republican and Democratic, that margin is 399-1.

At the height of unions, most workers who were with a company for at least 10 years qualified for a defined-benefits pension which, combined with social security, made for a decent retirement and lasted the entire length of the worker’s life. Today, most workers only have SS and a 401k, which will ultimately run out the longer the worker lives.

I wonder if you’ve ever pondered the reverse mortgage which is often peddled by TV stars such as Tom Selleck (for which I’m sure he’s paid tens of thousands of dollars). These schemes only became popular in the last 30 years as many seniors saw their retirement benefits dwindle and then had to turn to basically giving back their homes to the banks, rather than willing them off to their families.

Go ahead, I await your response.

Not bashing unions. Just the corrupt teacher’s union at this point. In this case, yes, self-serving slugs to use your words. In my opinion, it’s a well-deserved title.

A friend of mine constantly tells me that it’s not a Union, it’s an association. Like it really matters. Different name, same stink