Details, video of Oxnard officer involved fatal shooting

April 17, 2023


An Oxnard Police officer shot and killed a man brandishing a knife after the suspect refused to drop the weapon and continued approaching officers even after he was tased and shot with a rubber bullet. Detectives released additional details and a video today of the April 7 fatal shooting.

Shortly before 6 p.m., multiple people called 911 to report a man threatening people with a knife in a residential area. The man then got into another person’s truck.

Officers arrived and ordered the suspect to drop the knife before on officer shot him with a Taser gun. But neither the Taser nor a rubber bullet had much impact on the suspect.

Officer Jarrod Sheffield then shot 18-year-old Christian Baltazar Torrez, who was pronounced dead at Ventura County Medical Center.

The fatal shooting remains under investigation.

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The Ring camera really tells it all. Looks like he was high on Meth?…jawing and sticking his tongue out…high as a kite, out of his mind. Even if he could understand the officers, I doubt he could have responded in any sensible manner..I’ve never seen someone look so Crazy high before. I do appreciate the cops being so transparent in this incident. Very Sad though…such a waste of life for such a rancid drug. Meth is pure Evil!