Cardboard blocks Highway 101 near Santa Margarita

June 2, 2023

Photo by George Sullivan


A trailer transporting a load of cardboard overturned on Highway 101 near Santa Margarita on Thursday afternoon, slowing traffic for more than three hours.

At 3:36 p.m., a semi-truck was pulling a trailer northbound on Highway 101 when the trailer turned over near the top of The Cuesta Grade. Cardboard boxes were strewn across both lanes of traffic.

Shortly after 7 p.m., the California Highway Patrol fully reopened the highway, though traffic remained backed up for more than an hour.

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Just shove it all into the bushes along the highway… that’s considered trash dump zones in California anyway… maybe the homeless can build homes from it…. sarc….

The 60’s song, “Little Boxes” is ready for new lyric lines. Something to think about the next time it takes two hours to commute from San Luis Obispo to Santa Margarita.

Big rig trailers don’t turn over by themselves. Paper can be quite heavy. Was the trailer loaded too high such that it was top heavy? Did the driver make a sudden lane change?

this was insane. sat trapped on the grade for 2 hours. i’ve never been stopped that bad in slo county. seems like they could have done more to alert drivers they would b getting them selves stuck on the grade with no other options.

Always use Waze to check the route ahead!

The driver of the trailer should have liability for this situation.