Motorcyclist suffers major injuries in San Luis Obispo crash

June 26, 2023


A motorcyclist suffered major injuries in a crash with an SUV on Broad Street on Monday afternoon.

Shortly before 4 p.m., a motorcyclist collided with an SUV at the intersection of Broad and Caudill streets. The motorcyclist hit the passenger side of the SUV.

An officer at the scene chastised members of the public for taking pictures of the motorcycle claiming they planned to post the photos on social media. Several hours later. The SLO Police Department posted photos of the crash on Facebook and Twitter.

The driver of the SUV was uninjured in the crash.

An investigation into the crash is still ongoing.

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I do understand why the officer wouldn’t want the general public posting pictures on social media especially if it had been a fatality and they had yet to notify the next of kin.

Most all of cases like this,the driver turned left in front of the motorcycle. The usual reason is,”I didn’t see him”. The response, “look harder!”

If the biker is going too fast there is not enough time for the SUV driver to process the oncoming bike. Especially if the SUV driver is a mature person. I used to ride and learned pretty quickly not to speed on city streets. When you ride, it’s all about the defense. Always defense.

All that from a Picture?

Parents insist their children must have phones. All day in school they train in specialops phone deception. The reaping and sowing and knashing of teeth!!

Stupid stupid stupid driver turned in front of the bike.

While commonly the case, that is not always the case. The motorcycle could have been weaving in traffic, having grossly excessive speed, or engaging in any number of other types of unsafe riding I have witnessed myself. I have no idea what the circumstances were here, and jumping to conclusions isn’t helpful.

Based on this image, the driver did in fact turn in front of the bike. Without jumping to any other conclusion, we can all agree on that fact.